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A Complete Guide On Planning And Designing Swimming Pool In Your House

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Spending a weekend in your own swimming pool is a dream of many people. It is the best way to remove all the worries and burden from your shoulder. Isn’t it sound relaxing, calm and refreshing. Of course, it is. So are you curious to know how you can turn your dream into reality? Read our step by step guide on how to plan and build your swimming pool at your home.

Obtain the building permit

Every city and country has some restrictions and limitations such as slope, drainage system and zoning regulations, etc. to build a swimming pool at your home. Therefore, you must apply for a building permit before you begin your work.

Pick a size

It is a belief of many people that a pool required large space or area to build but the truth is it all depends upon what size you have chosen. There are many sizes of pools available in the market, but the standard dimension of pools are 10 × 20, 15 × 30 and 20 × 40. Now put all the assumptions aside because the actual size of your pool depends on how you want it.

Pick a type

Just like anything else, swimming pools come in all different types. Some of them are:

  • Infinity Pools: It is a pool that often seems like an ocean because its water flows one or more edges, produced a visual effect of water with no boundary. These pools are built to enjoy the spectacular view.
  • Lap Pool: It is a pool that is basically made for fitness or health purpose. These kinds of pools are long and narrow.
  • Architectural Pool: As its name sound, these pools are usually designed by architecture. An architecture pool must have structure and definite lines.

Make a budget

One of the main things you have to be prepared for is budget. Pool cost varies widely depending on the region of the country, type and size of the pool, soil conditions, etc. Search for pool contractor companies in your area and compare their prices carefully. Our advice for you would be to choose a professional who has hold and command on his work and who is qualified to install swimming pools.

Fill the pool

Once the construction part is done, all is left to add water! You can fill the pool with water by using a hose connector to your home's water supply, or you can rent a water truck. It depends on what you prefer to do.


The pool also required some cleaning and maintaining. You have to treat your pool with some necessary chemicals. The ideal pH for water is 7.4 – 7.6 or above neutral. You can buy a water testing kit from any pool supplies store. First, check the pH of the water in your pool through a water testing kit. Then, add chlorine and other chemicals in order to enjoy a safe swimming experience.

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