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A Complete Guide to Create Custom Cream Boxes

How a person looks is very important in creating their first impression of others. Today many people are getting self-conscious about their appearances. They are getting several products and remedies to make their outlooks better.

With self-care products and makeup products enhance their personalities and make them more presentable in society. Apart from using several makeup products, they also opt for the best quality creams to nourish their skin and make it more glowing.

 If you are a cosmetic brand that provides the best quality creams, you must need intriguing and secure packaging for your products. Creatively designed Custom Cream Boxes is the only solution for all of your packaging needs. 

These Cream Boxes are used to captivate the attention of the buyers. They are also used to securing the product from getting damaged.

To craft Cream Boxes, there are several essential factors that you should consider beforehand.

Let us dive deeper into the topic.

  • The Precise Measurements of Custom Cream Boxes 

When designing Custom Cream Boxes, it is super beneficial to get the packaging of the proper size. So it is advised that you should correctly measure the specifications of your product so that you can get the exact size of Custom Cream Boxes

If the packaging is not according to the product size, the product may get damaged or displaced during the shipment.

Moreover, it will not look like a professional and genuine approach to cater for your customers. 

  • The Strong Manufacturing Material

When designing Custom Cream Boxes, make sure you utilize the best available manufacturing materials for your packaging. It should be strong, resilient, biodegradable and eco-friendly to attract the larger demographic effectively.

There are several material options available in the market. You should get the packaging material that is perfect for your products. After all, the primary purpose of getting top-notch Custom Cream Boxes is the security and safety of the product.

Moreover, environmentally friendly manufacturing material for Custom Cream Boxes or Cosmetic Cream Packaging will attract eco-conscious buyers, and they will adore your product. 

You can also enhance the fact that you are packaging your products in reusable material that customers can recycle and cut down the worsening effects of pollution. It will strengthen your brands’ character. And customers will prefer your products over other companies for sure. 

  • Get The Intriguing Designs

There are already established cosmetic companies in the market that are selling good quality creams to the customers. Then how will you stand out and attract potential buyers to your brand?

It is the design of Cosmetic Cream Packaging that communicates with the buyer before you do. And not just that, it also makes your customers trust your product and try them for the first time. 

Does the appearance of Cosmetic Cream Packaging affect the sales of your products? Here is the stat: 81% of buyers purchase something new for the first time because they found it enticing. 

There are a few elements that sum up the design of any packaging of the product. These elements are,

  • The Utilization of Appropriate Colours:

Colours set the mood and the aura of any brand or product. It is necessary to select the right combination of colours and shades for the Cream Packaging as it is our first introduction of your brand to the customers. You can pick pastel shades and light colours to give your products a fresh and natural look, or you can go for bold colours to make them more luxurious and exotic. Companies usually select shades of red, pink, rose, or white colours generally. But you can get whatever colour you want. Regarding the colour shades and options, the sky is the limit. 

Before deciding the colours of Cream Packaging, decide on what theme your products will follow, and then everything will eventually fall into its place.

Do customers care about the colours of the packaging of products before buying them? According to Ipsos, 72% of consumers say their buying pattern is determined by the packaging design. So it is a fact that colors and designs greatly impact your customers and their buying choices.

Colours also give the general idea regarding the use and the person of the product. Your customers will get to know the features of your products. It will help them to decide what they want to purchase.

  • The Sleek and Readable Topography

A trendy and customised text or slogans always get prominent and highlighted among many conventional ones. But always remember that whatever topography of text you choose should be trendy yet readable. Consumers ignore the hard-to-read text. 

You can transform the usual writing styles. You can go for customised typography for your brand as well. The typography should look magnificent on the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and retail stores.

  • Depiction Of Details Regarding the Product Or The Brand

People are getting more brand conscious and spent more money on the brand. It is essential to showcase your brand logo prominently on Cream Packaging. Your logo is the brand identity. It should be the most significant part designing of your packaging.

Besides brand logos, there are many other details and specifications that cosmetic companies embellish on Cream Packaging. These are,

the slogan of your company, product name, one-line description of the product, instructions to use the product, direction to store the product effectively, cautions, warnings, any possible side effect that the product can cause, a brief version of your company or brand, manufacturing date, expiration date, labels (non-toxic, biodegradable, harmless).

This detailing not only enhances your standing as a brand but also makes your products more genuine and professional. Once the customers get hooked to the outlook of your products, they will give them a try.

  • Use Insertions to Reduce the Risk of Product Damage

To ensure the maximum protection of your product it is better to get insertions in the Cream Packaging Box. For that, you should have an idea what type of transportation you would use to deliver your products to the markets or to the customers.

By using insertions, your product will get completely sealed inside the box, and it will not get displaced during the shipment, so you don't have to worry about getting the product damaged or de-shaped.

  • The Unlimited Printing Options 

Top-quality printing techniques not only enhance the outlook of your brand. But also make the products feel more textured and composed. It is the finishing touch to the overall design of your Custom Cream Boxes. It is equally necessary, just like the other factors of designing.

Now, with technological advancement, there are several printing techniques that you can get for your products according to the theme and personality of your brand. From coatings two additional laminations, the options are unlimited. Select the one that suits the vibe of your product.

  • Laminations such as mat lamination are perfect if you want a minimalistic outlook for your Custom Cream Boxes or Cream Packaging Box. Another option includes glossy lamination that gives a smooth and soft feel to the product.
  • Foilings like metallic, gold or silver foilings give an extravagant and luxurious touch to the products and make them look much expensive
  • Glittery coatings are perfect for getting a young and sparked-up appearance to the packaging of creams. 

There are several designs that companies get for their Cream Packaging Boxes. The most famous one is the floral design that looks feminine and stunning for the creams. You can give it a warm and loving vibe by unifying it with soft colours and bubbly typography.

Does it affect the sales of your products and help in enhancing the brand image? 

According to the stats, 63% of consumers have purchased a product again because of the appearance of its packaging. So many potential buyers get influence effectively by the enticing appearance of the product that they buy.

Invest resources and artistic skills in getting the top-notch designing and printing expertise; for the manufacturing of Cream Boxes. They will enhance your brand image and pay you back eventually.

  • Use Custom Crean Boxes as Strong and Impressive Marketing Tool

Without impressive and proper marketing, your product would not reach the right target audience, and your sales will not get level up. So it is necessary to set aside extra time, resources and skills for marketing. As the packaging of the product communicates with the customer, you can design them creatively. So that they seamlessly market your brand. 

With the rise of online business and digital marketing, the competition among companies to get the most number of buyers is getting more challenging. The growing culture of unboxing videos have a massive effect on the buying patterns of consumers. 

Does the appealing and intriguing unboxing experience of your product enhance your sales overall? 

According to statistics, 55% of people who watch unboxing videos are convinced to buy the product.

So there is a vast consumer market that will compel your brand. Just by giving them an unforgettable consumer experience. 40% of consumers agree that they will share an image of your packaging on social media if it is innovative or branded. (Dotcom distribution) 

So it can be another marketing technique that you can use to promote your product effectively.

In skincare and cosmetic products, people first use them to build their trust in any specific brand. Besides having the captivating and fascinating appearance of your products, they must have exceptional quality. When you provide the customers with the top-notch quality of creams, they become your regular customer base and prefer your brand over others.

Here are some key takeaways from the above discussion,

  • Use robust material for the manufacturing of your packaging as their primary use is to protect your products from getting harmed. Other than that, they should be biodegradable and environmentally secure so that your brand would not harm the environment.
  • Every cream has different uses and properties, so every one of them needs exclusive packaging. Make sure you measure the specifications of your product correctly and then order Cream Boxes accordingly.
  • Make sure the Cream Boxes have an enticing appearance, the perfect colour combination and topography. These attributes will shoulder your business to get most of the buyer's attention.
  • Make your brand more recognisable and renowned by the embellishment of your brand logo prominently on the packaging of your creams.
  • You can also use the Custom Cream Boxes as the marketing tool as well by designing them professionally.


When you put your effort and professional skills into designing the Cosmetic Cream Packaging, your brand gets to expand. As a well-established brand, you must have a desire to establish a loyal customer base. And for that, you have to walk an extra mile. Make sure you deliver quality products to retain the existing clientele and hit the targeted demographic more effectively. 

Once they become familiar with your brand, they will promote your product by conventional means (like by suggesting them to their friends or family or by gifting them), or they will share your product image on social media to promote them.

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Michael Hussey
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