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A Complete Guide to Gynecomastia (Male Breast) Correction


Gynecomastia is a terrible disease that is not life frightening but is absolutely an upsetting situation that requires to be pleasured on time. It is also known as ‘male breast’, or 'man boobs' and is suitable because there is an enlargement of breast tissues in males due to the hormonal imbalance amid estrogen and the testosterone created by the body. This results in an uneven proportion of breast because it can affect one or both the breast tissues. It is a problem that can affect men in all stages of life and there are natural, normal, and several other changes that can have an impact on this issue.  It is important to treat this condition because there is a lot of progress in the field of plastic surgery.

What are the symptoms?

There are some common signs of Gynecomastia disease:

  • Tenderness in breast
  • Swollen breast tissue
  • Tenderness
  • Pain
  • Discharge from the nipple in one or both breasts

Different types of Gynecomastia

Even though the situation may look the same, but there are dissimilar types in it.

There are three grade type of Gynecomastia

Grade 1 Gynecomastia

The most commonly referred to as the puffy nipple. Most of the patients going from side to side this situation have slanted body mass and have little fat with young age. Removing the glandular tissue with surgical intrusion is a favored option by most doctors. This is gently invasive but is a suggest decision in this type.

Grade 2 Gynecomastia

This is one of the most widespread sorts of gynecomastia that men understanding. In this situation, the males increase unnecessary breast volume in the lower chest and it firstly grows to the size of tennis ball and development towards the volume of a softball. Liposuction is a favorite choice in this situation, but some of the patients have an amalgamation of fats and glandular tissue. In a type with fat and glandular tissue, there is an amalgamation of liposuction and operation

Grade 3 Gynecomastia:-

In grade 3 Gynecomastia the man breast or boobs starts to slump and comes down 45-60 degrees. but, the treatment for the grade 3 Gynecomastia mostly depends on the chest and skin value. The ordinary technique in this consideration is the surgical removal of the chest tissue.

There are also different types of Gynecomastia that need classification from the qualified surgeon in order to get the right treatment.


What are some causes of Gynecomastia?

When it comes to the conservation of sexual signs of men and women it is the estrogen and testosterone that play a critical role here. In males, testosterone plays a critical role in muscle mass and body hair. Estrogen is the key supplier of adding virtues to women counting the enlargement of women as well. Estrogen is special to female but it is also the men who fabricate this in small quantities. It is the disparity of these two hormones that cause gynecomastia and this is habitual during three stages of development.


All through this time, there are plentiful changes in the increasing boy’s body because he goes through teenage years. It is during this time that the boys will see swelling of chest tissue and if the signs carry on for long then it is wise to get a medical done with the surgeon.

In infancy

Due to the high disclosure of their mother’s estrogen, most infants are born with an enlarged breast. Most people are unconscious about this difficult but the puffiness normally goes away in 2 to 3 weeks.

Senior men

With men, this situation may again happen during their older days from 50-80. This is a general problem in men and in most of them, the signs are so nominal that not many would even recognize this problem.

These are a few of the most general times when these troubles and so it is best to discuss with a surgeon if you feel that there are some signs that you don't need to pass up.

What are the benefits?

One of the most vital advantages of male chest improvement is that you will feel positive about your body. Once you are positive about yourself you can be sure that it will change the other areas of your life as well. It is not just about how you look but also about how you feel once the operation is done.

So make sure that you take out time, investigate well and suspiciously believe your choices for the best gynecomastia treatment. Although the operation is the final result, it is best to take surgeon suggestion about your situation before trying to make a decision on what you do with the difficulty. Once the operation is done, the recovery procedure is more rapidly and getting back to shape is a new sentiment altogether. This is the fact that your chest has to turn into normal again and will add new measurement to your life altogether.


Dr. Amit Gupta is the founder and CEO of Divine Cosmetic Surgery. He is having 11+ years of experience in Plastic surgery such as hair transplant, Gynecomastia, breast Implant as well as Hymenoplasty, etc. He was awarded the Gold Medal during his training for his academic excellence. He was awarded the Lt. Governor’s Trophy for the Best All Round Medical Graduate in the year 1999, and Dr. KB Sharma Shield for Best Contributor to Corporate Life of College. If you are looking for any type of surgery like gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi, hair transplant, vaser six pack as well as Hymenoplasty, etc.



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