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A comprehensive guide to Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt lifts knowns as BBL has been a trend among many urban women for some time. BBLs are still in vogue and they continue to be popular among many women who crave to look younger and attractive. Many women have various reasons for choosing this special body sculpting procedure. BBLs are popular among female models, athletes, celebrities, TV personalities, fitness experts and so on. It is a surgical procedure that is done for health, fashion, commercial opportunities, removal of excess fat, and so on.

Brazilian Butt lift: The procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift is a body sculpting and contouring procedure that is very popular among women that are looking to enhance their body shapes. BBLs are commonly known to enhance the sex appeal of a woman, but they have other benefits. They can be used to remove excess fat from different parts of the body and add to the butt. BBL is an exclusive procedure that involves fat transfer from one part of the body to another. Fat is taken from different parts of the body, like the thighs, the hips, the lower back, the abs, and so on). This ejected fat is then injected back into the woman’s buttocks with a special procedure.

Going under the knife: Steps to the Brazilian butt lift procedure

The Brazilian butt lift is performed with fat grafting which has a notable end result. The procedure involves the following steps:

  1. The technique is carried out with the help of an anaesthesia which is used to help minimise the pain of the entire process.
  2. The surgeon then goes ahead to use liposuction to take out fat from areas of your body like the thighs, hips, and stomach. This procedure involves making several incisions in your skin, and then using a tube to collect the fat.
  3. The fat deposits that have been extracted from the body are subjected to a purification process where that are purified into a suitable material. They are then prepared to be injected into the buttocks.
  4. The surgeon completes the procedure by injecting this purified fat into particular Aras of your buttocks. This is used to give the body a more supple, filler, and rounded appearance. Usually fat are transferred into the buttocks after making between three and five incisions in the buttocks. The fat are inserted professionally to ensure that the right body contour is obtained at every point. This is where the experience of the surgeon comes into play.
  5. On completion, the surgeon closes up the fat transfer and liposuction incisions with the use of stitches. The surgeon then goes on to apply a slight pressure on the area by using compression garment around all affected areas. The light pressure is applied on the skin to reduce all risks of bleeding. This practice also helps trigger a faster recovery after the procedure.

The success rate of Brazilian butt lifts

Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that gets its inspiration from Brazilian models who have natural curvy and attractive buttocks because of their athleticism. This style has suddenly become the rave among women from all parts of the world. Many women are known to get their BBL procedures with a fair success rate. Since the procedure does not involve implants but natural body fats, it can last for a period of between 6 and 18 months. BBLs can be done along with other body sculpting procedures like liposuction, breast enlargement, slimming of the waists, and so on.

Approaching a surgeon for a BBL procedure

Many women looking to get their Brazilian butt lifts for the first time usually depend on referrals from family, friends, and colleagues. However, there are many professional BBL surgeons in Chicago. You can get some of the best BBL surgeons from Chicago at You must approach a reliable and trustworthy cosmetic surgeon. Once you choose your preferred surgeon, you should explain to them your needs. Be sure that they know what you want. You can even go with pictures to help them get an idea of your needs. BBLs look different for different body frames.

Caring for your Brazilian butt lift

The process of the BBL treatment can last for a few hours. The duration of the routine depends on the amount of fat transfer that is involved. The process can last between one and several hours. On completion, the doctor will usually give you specific instructions on how you should care for your new butt. For example, you might not be able to sit with it for a while. To ensure that you get the best value for your money, you want to make sure that it lasts for as long as it should. This means that you will need to follow all the maintenance instructions from the doctor. BBLs are usually affordable but you want to get value from the money invested in the treatment procedure.

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