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A comprehensive guide to choose the better between dark or light wooden flooring!

When it comes to timber flooring, you are often confused about choosing between the lighter tones of wood or the darker shades! Obviously, both of these are types of hardwood – the best and classiest option for flooring. But yes, there can be different pros and cons of these because of their shades and tones. While lighter woods are the ones that are available in lighter shades naturally (like red or white oak wood, maple, birch, etc.); and the darker ones are ones with deeper hues (like walnut, mahogany, teak, etc. ). And believe us, the beauty of both of these woods is totally incredible and astounding when it comes to aesthetics!

 The goods and bad of lighter and dark shades of wood!

In Melbourne the timber flooring from Ceramic Tile Imports is always of the best in quality and is a pretty long-lasting solution regardless of its shades and color tones. However, you can clear the confusion about your choice of hues by checking the following pointers:

  • Shows the stains — Normally, you think the lighter tones of wood are easy to get dirty and even show the stains clearly, while the darker tones aren’t that relenting. To some extent, it’s true! But do you know that the darker tones reflect the light brown dust and even light-colored stains more compared to the lighter ones? So, according to you, which one shows the stains more clearly now?

  • Pet friendly — Apparently, you think that your pet scratches the floor a lot and a darker shade of hardwood would easily veil such issues. Think again! Won’t the scratches look clearer on the otherwise dramatic beauty of the dark hardwood due to the lighter underlayers? Pet owners -- now let us know which is your preferred hardwood?

  • Room sizes — Another very important factor to think about while choosing the color tone of your hardwood floor! While the darker tones look perfect in large, lavish kinds of homes, the lighter ones reign the compact homes. Naturally, the reason for this is very clear. Since it’s a lighter shade, it makes the place appear bigger and brighter!

  • The cost factor — Let us not simply assume that the lighter shades of hardwood (being more commonly available) are cheaper, while the darker (being rare) are expensive. This is anything but true! The price range of these shades totally depends on the species of wood you are opting for. Some lighter shades of wood are available at the highest price points (example – oak) while others may be comparatively affordable (example – ash-wood); and a similar thing happens with dark woods as well (ebony, mahogany, and walnut are pretty steeply-priced, while Cyprus is a budget-friendly choice). Remember, the cost of wood depends on availability. Locally available wood variants are more affordable due to abundance, ease of drying, and transportation. Only a good hardwood floor supplier or manufacturer can guide you with this information.

  • The contrasting factor — Now here the darker tones win the race. Since the shades are totally royal and appear shiny too, these coordinate perfectly with any kind of furniture and interiors. But with the light shades of wood, you have to be a little careful while designing your interiors. Because some shades like white or blue (if used in furniture or furnishing) don’t just complement well with the light hardwood floor.

Well, we did explain the pros and cons of light and dark wood. Now, both of these are great in some ways and have some drawbacks as well. Why don’t you call your designer to discuss the details in an elaborate manner before making your decision?

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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