A Crash-Course In Breastfeeding Education For Moms


It Can Be More Complex Than You May Expect

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world, and the health benefits for you as a mom and your child are quite extensive. However, there can be complications involved. In this writing we’ll briefly go over a few things you should know about breastfeeding to help you be the best mom possible.


Breastfeeding Is Healthy For Mother And Child

Children who breastfeed have stronger immune systems, a more robust and healthy physiological makeup, and key health benefits well into their adult years. In later years, certain conditions are less likely to impact them. Breastfeeding sets a child on the right trajectory throughout their lives.

There’s also an emotional, psychological component to breastfeeding. The warmth of the mother’s body, the voice of the mother, the taste of the milk, happy rested sleep after feeding—all these things are additional positives for the child which make nutrition only part of the total package.

For mothers, there have been studies done which reveal breast and ovarian cancer rates are reduced through breastfeeding. There are even studies that have found conditions like Type II Diabetes are lessened by breastfeeding. Associations between a reduction in rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease have been observed. The cholesterol and blood pressure of the mother are also reduced through breastfeeding.

There is additionally a psychological component involved in breastfeeding a child which is conducive to the mental health of a mother. They can clearly see how what they do provides life for their child. Many mothers describe the feeling of love they have for a newborn as greater than they thought possible. Breastfeeding expands this perception.


Reasons Not To Breastfeed

There are situations where you may want to halt breastfeeding. If your infant is losing weight, if they refuse to feed, if you’re producing too much breast milk, if you’re not producing enough breast milk, if there are congenital disorders with the child, or if your doctor advises you against breastfeeding, then you probably shouldn’t do it.

If not being able to produce enough breast milk is the only reason for not breastfeeding, then it shouldn't be, as there are a number of ways to address low milk supply in mothers. Using pumps between feedings, breastfeeding from both sides, taking supplements, and consuming lactation cookies from Majka are just a few of the common practices being advised to mothers to increase milk supply.

Even so, given the benefits for mother and baby, it’s worthwhile to find an online lactation consultant. Such a professional can help you determine if what you’re dealing with is something that’s serious, transitional, or a thing you don’t have to worry about.


Mastering The “Latch”

Mastering the “latch” isn’t always easy. If you’re unfamiliar, this is when the newborn latches onto the breast to take in nutrition. The thing is, you’re dealing with an issue where the child doesn’t have motor control locked down yet, and you can’t fully communicate to help them get it right. Some mothers take to latching their newborn infant with ease. Others don’t.

Don’t fret, it can take some practice, and you’ll definitely get the opportunity to. However, if you’re having a lot of trouble, just to be safe, it can be worthwhile to purchase a breast pump and use that to transfer your natural milk to a bottle which can more easily be latched onto by the infant.


Being The Best Mom You Can Be

Parenting is something that will put any individual who enters this echelon of life in a position where they are constantly exposed to the unexpected. There’s no way around it, even if you fully grasp the implications involved. So don’t fret if things don’t go how you expect; that’s part of the package.

In terms of breastfeeding, know that it’s the healthiest option for the majority of infants and mothers, there are some reasons not to breastfeed, seeking online consultants is wise, and mastering the latch doesn’t always happen organically; it may take a few tries—so prepare with breast milk pumped beforehand.

Being the best mom you can be is going to boil down to how willing you are to continue the forward march from the child’s birth to their maturation. You’re not going to do it perfectly, but if you try, your child will feel like you did.