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A Crypto newbie guide to the law on cryptocurrency

The rise of cryptocurrencies has led to various financial benefits and new ways of doing business. This has consequently led to a rise in the interest of the public in cryptocurrencies. This means that many people and organizations are now looking to leverage the new technology to improve their processes or to make a significant amount of money. As the interest of the public increases in cryptocurrencies, there is a corresponding increase in the application of the technology for businesses. However, the rise of new uses on cryptocurrencies has led to the formation of the cryptocurrency law.

The law on cryptocurrency

Since cryptocurrency is used by people from different jurisdictions, there is usually the need for people and organizations to protect themselves from falling into the wrong hands. This has led to various leading legal firms offering special services that border around cryptocurrency law. Due to the novelty of the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology, the ecosystem of this new financial disruptive technology remains largely unregulated. This is why various leading legal firms have are repositioning their brands to be able to offer various services on the new system.

Cryptocurrency lawyers: Value proposition

A typical cryptocurrency law firm will have a simple value proposition: A team of professional lawyers that are committed to assisting investors, organizations, and developers navigate the convoluted legal complexities of the blockchain and the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency lawyers totally commit themselves to aggressively and strategically representing their clients in litigation and transactional matters related to cryptocurrency.

One primary expertise of a cryptocurrency lawyers to help emerging and new cryptocurrency projects get and promote compliance with federal security laws.

Cryptocurrency lawyers are also known to represent many consumers and investors when it comes to litigations of substantial financial and business value. As providers of legal services for the cryptocurrency industry, these lawyers usually resolve disputes between cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers. Common dispute resolution cases includes frozen funds and locked accounts.

They are also known to help cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges of various sizes to comply with important banking and financial regulations and laws. Furthermore, cryptocurrency lawyers also assist various businesses to comply with the rules and regulations of the industry as they interact with various parties in the cryptocurrency business ecosystem.

What type of legal aid do law firms offer on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?

Most leading law firms provide a wide range of services surrounding blockchain technology. They usually offer these services to clients from various legal jurisdictions and industries. These law firms usually cover transactions and litigations involving cryptocurrency deals. They also offer professional services regarding the execution of smart contracts. Other know areas of specialization of these lawyers include financial technology (Fintech, ), Defi (decentralized finance) disputes, and gaming.

Important practice areas of cryptocurrency lawyers

Lawyers who specialize in cryptocurrency law will usually provide arbitration and litigation services for people or organizations involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

Dispute resolution: Lawyers who specialize in cryptocurrency law are known for helping to resolve any brewing disputes that arise between cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers. Due to the novelty of cryptocurrency technology, several disputes and issues are encountered every day by players in the industry. These could range from chargebacks, locked accounts, frozen assets, third-party information breaches, and so on.

Defi legal assistance: Lawyers that specialize in cryptocurrency law will also provide services related to the launching and establishment of a Defi (decentralized finance) platform on a blockchain network. They are usually involved in the aspect of the formation of the business as well as ensuring that their daily operations comply with the relevant laws of the jurisdiction.

General cryptocurrency assistance; Cryptocurrency lawyers help businesses and people easily navigate the new world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. With lots of loopholes and grey areas involved in the industry, there is the need to get a lawyer to help people avoid the pitfalls of the business.

Compliance laws on coins and tokens: With a large number of coins and tokens being launched every day by various entities from various parts of the world, there is a belated need for some type of regulation to be set in place. Cryptocurrency lawyers help individuals and organizations looking to invest in such business opportunities to understand their liabilities before they take the plunge.

Smart contracts: The smart contract is already a self-governing tool that is used widely by various sizes of organizations to administer different business transactions. Cryptocurrency lawyers usually provide legal assistance to entities involved in a smart contract to ensure that they comply with traditional contractual regulations according to federal laws.

dApps (Decentralized apps): Cryptocurrency lawyers also provide all legal services involving dApps. From the launching of projects to their operations, they ensure that all services and transactions comply with existing laws guiding such services.

NFTs and digital arts: With the cryptocurrency industry giving way to a new way of selling pricey artworks and collections, cryptocurrency lawyers ensure that buyers and sellers are protected with all transactions and that each transaction comply with established laws.

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