A Deeper Look into Artificial Intelligence and How It’s Applied in the Modern World


Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, machines are gradually increasing the foothold that they have on essentially everything that we do in everyday life. Not many people realize just how much of everything that they do is dependent on the functionality of a particular piece of technology. Of course, in the past, the very idea of machines being able to think for themselves and develop their own thoughts could only be entertained in fields of science fiction. But that’s no longer the case. These days, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more powerful in terms of its scope and capabilities.

A lot of companies are heavily investing in the integration of artificial intelligence into the way that they run their organizations and conduct their business. This means that any product or service that is rendered on the mass market might only be possible these days at a certain level of efficiency because of artificial intelligence. You might not realize that even something as simple as asking Siri for directions while you’re driving requires a great deal of sophisticated AI programming. If you’re curious about the kind of impact that artificial intelligence really has on the world at the moment, then continue to read on:

Online Advertising

Have you ever been mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram only to come to an ad that seems like it was specifically tailored for you? That’s not something that happens by accident. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way that companies advertise their products and services. Because of artificial intelligence, companies are now able to specifically target their optimal markets in an effort to maximize their capacity for sales. They do this from data that is collated from your browsing activity.

Video Streaming

Video streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix want you to spend as much time on their platforms as possible. This is why they use artificial intelligence to try and figure out what kind of content you crave for the most. When you go through your Netflix or YouTube feed, you will be greeted with a host of different videos that are specifically designed to keep you on their sites for as long as possible. 


It should be obvious how artificial intelligence has managed to really dominate the gaming space. In plenty of video games, especially those that promote solo campaigns and individual play, artificial intelligence is used to automate computer characters and objects in games that are made to mimic real life. And artificial intelligence can be found in a variety of different gaming styles as well like sports simulations, first-person shooters, and even casino games.

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If you take a deeper look into how artificial intelligence is used in online casinos, it becomes even more interesting because it doesn’t just deal with the actual gameplay or gaming experience. First, AI has the power to identify betting and spending patterns of gamblers. It can also identify which aspects of the gaming experience that these users best respond to. This kind of info will allow casino operators to better figure out how to optimize their gaming experience to cater to customer responses.

Another way that AI can help casinos is through its addiction-spotting mechanisms. Many sophisticated algorithms have smart machines identifying patterns of addiction in users. Many casinos still promote health and wellness for their users by limiting their likelihood for gambling addiction. As such, they implement certain protocols like betting limits in order to help their customers fight against the urge to get addicted. AI gaming platforms have a way of helping casino operators identify which users might have problematic betting patterns that could possible serve as signs of potential addiction to gambling. 

Customer Service

Customer service is also another aspect of industry wherein AI is typically applied. A lot of people who hop on phone calls or opt for online customer service actually end up talking to machines and computers instead of actual customer service representatives. Through AI, many companies have adapted to a computer-driven customer service platform that trains itself to cater to specific needs of customers. However, this kind of system still has its limitations, but it has streamlined the customer service aspect of a business substantially. 


Not many people might think that artificial intelligence is needed in the world of photography. But Google is a perfect example of turning photography as art form into a science. Its flagship smartphone, The Google Pixel is notorious for never upgrading its camera hardware. However, because of the sophisticated machine learning software that they input into their phones, the Pixel is known to be one of the best cameras on a smartphone in the market. Its picture-taking capabilities can even rival those of Apple’s and Samsung’s. The phone is living proof of how sophisticated software can do a lot to make up for relatively common hardware. 

Retail and eCommerce

Another way that artificial intelligence is very much prominent is in the way that retailers target their customers. Whether it be through brick-and-mortar stores or through online marketplaces. Retailers are more able to accurately track the spending habits of customers through artificial technology. This kind of information will allow them to come up with better strategies when it comes to manufacturing, designing, and marketing their products to the mass public.