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A few in-store display ideas for your retail outlet

Every business, such as fashion, pharmacy, sports, supermarket, and others, needs to provide proper exposure to their products to boost sales. In this, the organization and arrangement of the items can play a crucial role. After all, visual merchandising in brick-and-mortar stores helps capture customer attention and conversions. Studies also prove that the sense of sight can be 83.0% more powerful than any other medium. Hence, you cannot take any risk with this. If you want to maximize your existing and new customers' retail experience, you can try some of the display ideas mentioned below. In this post, we will initially give a short diagram of what retail shows are and how they fit into a brand's visual marketing methodology. We will at that point broadly expound on three classifications of retail shows: independent POP shows and store racking showcases, which are regular in the CPG business, trailed by attire shows, which can contrast from CPG retail shows because of the idea of the item.

Immersive retail experiences

You must ensure that your store visitors get engrossed in the environment. You can create such an effect even through simple racks and fixtures. However, make sure these things, along with the wall colors, build a unified theme. Avoid building anything too fancy. All the components need to vibe with each other to keep everyone thoroughly hooked.

Touch and feel options

Although online shopping is on the rise, people still enjoy going to a brick and mortar store as it allows them to touch and feel objects personally. So it would be best if you capitalized on this opportunity. Include shelving that enables such experiences. For example, you can check solutions like shoe shelf display at SI Retail Brisbane. You can keep your shoe on the shelf out of the packaging box to let people directly investigate them.


When you have to increase order values, you can take the help of this method. It involves showcasing a mix of different items together to enable people to select a complete look for them. For example, you can have a jacket, blouse, and purse on display.

Portable displays

Do you have limited space in your store? Maybe you can benefit from portable displays. You can get clothes rail, for instance. You can hang multiple items on a single rack and move it quickly from one corner to another to give it a perfect spotlight or make room for something more critical based on the requirement.

Custom fixtures

Some stores offer customized solutions for retail stores to help them enhance their visual merchandising. It gives you the flexibility to encourage shoppers to browse through your collection more and purchase quickly. It can also be cost-effective for you.

Gondola displays

With these standalone shelving options, you can accommodate a lot of your stock in one place while enabling people to enjoy three-dimensional views. Many large stores already use these display solutions. These can be available in various forms; you can check your favorite shop for the right choices.

Clip strips

These vertical hanging strips with hooks can hold any small products elegantly and neatly. You can use them along with primary placement options to optimise the space utilisation. These are also great for cross-merchandising. For example, you can add this near cosmetic racks to showcase your lip balm range.

There are endless ways to demonstrate your offerings and attract customers and higher sales. You can explore all the possibilities before determining something.


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