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A Gentleman’s Guide to Sharp Dressing

I am not a stylish person.

Does it sound familiar?

Several men continue their art of poor dressing just because they think that to dress better, they need to be stylish. But, in reality, dressing better is like any other skill you can learn and improve.

From terrible to sharp, here are some tips for shifting to a better dressing.

Get the right fit

You can solve almost 70% of your poor dressing problem by getting the right fit clothes. Whether it is a 3-piece suit or casual jeans and t-shirt, the fundamental formula is fit. It separates a poor dressing from fine one. Even if you are wearing an expensive suit, the wrong fit can mar the appeal. Clothes that don’t fit properly make you look sloppy, shorter or fatter than you are. It means you don’t need expensive apparel to look stylish.


Accessories can make or break your overall appearance. If you think that men have limited choice of accessories, you are probably wrong! You have endless option to style yourself, but some of the must-haves are – leather wallet, watches, belt, tie, cufflink, sunglasses, scarf. Mix and match with your apparel depending upon the type of clothes you wear.

A nice pair of Serengeti sunglasses is something you should always grab before stepping out of the home. They not only protect your eyes from harsh sun rays, but are also great head turners.

Stick to a classy style rather than trying something new

You don’t need to dress up like a fashion model to stand out from the rest. Many men make this mistake thinking that they need to create an original and personal style to dress better. The safest way is to stick to classic style. Once you master it, add bits and pieces of your personality to give your styling a twist. For example, there are a few things your wardrobe must-have – white shirt, chinos, a pair of good-quality sneakers, formal shoes, blue shirt, oxford shirts, boat shoes, a classy watch, decent sunglasses, blue jeans, a leather jacket, and boots.

A big no to graphics, logos and wild prints

If you want to dress like a mature man, stay clear of all those stuff young boys put on. One of the vital theories here is to say a big NO to graphics, longs and wild prints on any kind of clothing, be it t-shirts, pants, sweater or anything wearable.

Instead, choose solid colors which make you look more decent and refined.

Dress up with an amazing style is easier than you think. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above, and you are ready to impress everyone.

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