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A Guide for Teaching Chair Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga is the best way to stay fit and healthy for those who find it difficult to sit down and practice the amazing art of yoga. Chair yoga is for people of all ages, and with the article, you get to know about the guide for teaching chair yoga classes.

It is a well-known fact that the ancient science of life, yoga, promotes good health and bestows quality life. The beauty of this art is that it can be practiced by people of all ages, and also by those with certain issues that refrain from yoga practice. Facing trouble in sitting or standing? With the help of chair yoga nothing can act as a barricade to garner the benefits of this ancient art.

Chair yoga indeed is one popular medium of staying fit among the senior citizens, but the form of yoga is also helping people recovering from injury, have special abilities, etc., and many specialized chair yoga classes in Delhi and Gurgaon are available.

As a teacher, it is important for you to know the need of the students, and no teacher would see their student(s) suffering. An experienced teacher knows to expand the parameters with the learning of chair yoga classes going to help them and their students.

A Guide for Teaching Chair Yoga Classes

Choose a Right Chair

Of course, one of the essential most aspects of chair yoga classes is chair themselves. So choose a yoga perfect chair that should be sturdy, have flat seat with the minimal amount of padding, should have no arms, and have a straight back. Ensure the surface of the floor- if it’s smooth place yoga mat underneath, or you can cut a coaster from the old mat and stick underneath of each leg of the chair.

Set up the Chair Yoga Class

Okay like the yoga mats the chairs also need to be placed at a distance. This helps every individual to easily perform the poses that involve stretching of legs and hands, without touching another student. The setup takes place similarly like a traditional yoga class that involves yoga practice on the mat. Chairs need to be set up in front of the class, and the teacher also should sit on the chair to avoid confusion while performing poses.

Practice Short Session

The normal traditional classes generally run for 60-90 minutes, and more intense classes for 120 minutes. But the same time sequence won’t go along with chair yoga participants. The chair yoga classes are generally for senior citizens, people with low stamina, for ones who are recovering from injury or surgery, etc. Sitting on the chair for longer duration makes it difficult and easy for the students. It is advisable for yoga teachers and instructors to have a shorter session and should run a class for around 20-30 minutes or max for 45 minutes.

Put Emphasis on Pranayama

One of the most positive aspects of chair yoga classes for seniors and people recovering from injury or surgery is that these classes help them with their breathing. Certain issues like age let a person face breathing trouble and focusing on teaching breathing techniques surely bestow them the quality of life. Practicing Pranayama also makes the session soothing and easy for the students.

Building the New Practice

For creating an amazing chair yoga class, you as a yoga teacher need to build a new practice and learn additional elements- both in behavior and teaching. One needs to be kind, humorous with the students, and make space for learning new poses to share the same with your students. Bring innovativeness into the class, and work on strengthening their body and mind.

Successful Class

There are many things that you can skip for setting up a better environment like music, aroma, etc. Majority of people are senior citizens or those who are recovering from certain ailment can get disturbed or feel uncomfortable in a certain atmosphere. So take great care of the ambiance like a lot of amazing yoga center in Gurgaon, and specialized chair yoga classes in Delhi does.

Follow this guide and create an amazing session for the one who is in dire need of yoga.

Devendra kumar is a Yogi,Traveler and a Yoga Teacher in India.He provides yoga teacher training classes in Gurgaon.His strong connection with yoga has made him to organize Daily Yoga Classes, Corporate Yoga Classes,Yoga Retreats and Yoga Workshops in Gurgaon.
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