Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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A guide on the ship chandling services

Are you a shipping company? If you are, then the problem of handling a ship is not new for you. Ships often face problems like running out of fuel, breaking down, and so on. In such situations finding help is not an easy task. 

Without aid, the shipping company would have to send a rescue crew, which adds massively to the overall time and it would disrupt the whole supply chain ahead. 

Besides, an emergency in the middle of the sea is the most abhorring idea for any shipping company. Things like damage to the whole vessel, people falling ill, and lack of food can be some of the most daunting situations for any shipping company. 

Fortunately, there is a solution that can take care of these issues right at the moment you need any such help. A ship chandling company can help you in the following ways: 

1- Providing supplies and fuel at the bay

Every ship has to dock on its way to the destination. The docking is done at specific intervals to avoid wasting time and resources. A shipping company does not choose a dock for resupply or re-fuelling outside of the route. 

Most of these docks are located in foreign nations; thus, the language barrier is a commonplace issue here. The shipyard agent Curaçao is a contractor who can provide you with the right supplies and fuel with the already agreed-upon terms. This process reduces the chances of a language barrier.

2- Providing supplies for in the middle of the sea

As stated above, the ship running out of fuel or other necessary commodities like food and medicines is a very daunting idea. Such a broken-down vessel has nowhere to go or no one to call for help. 

The traditional method of the shipping company going to its aid adds to the cost of resources and time for the firm. Moreover, the impact on business is the most damaging element. 

The Curaçao ship chandler is the ultimate solution you can have at your disposal.

3- Emergency rescue

Medical emergencies are common due to a number of reasons. Seasickness, social withdrawal, and many other problems cause medical situations. 

Each of the crew member’s medical history is taken into account before sending them on the voyage. However, it is not a very secure way of anticipating such occurrences. 

The ship is supplied with a first-aid kit, containing almost all the medicines to counteract such problems. However, this measure, too, turns out to be inadequate. 

The final option is to evacuate the affected person and follow all medical procedures, including taking the patient to the hospital.

4- Salvaging the crew members

The modern technology with which ships today are made has advanced to a great level. For example, the modern-day alternative to the gyroscopes to keep a ship stable during turbulence is far more energy-efficient. Despite the high efficiency, it does not compromise on the safety measure. 

There are other similar measures taken that increase the safety of the ship and its crew. However, these measures are not sufficient in assuring a hundred percent safety to the team members. A sinking vessel does have some time before it actually sinks, which can range up to a few hours. 

The ship chandler can help you protect your crew from sinking by using their support staff, boats, and other measures and make the best of this valuable moment. 

Thus, the shipyard agent in Curaçao can help you salvage the crew members. It is, therefore, an essential service.

5- Freight removal

The freight is the most important thing you need to carry to different places. In case of a breakdown of a ship, it may take a long time for the problem to get resolved. As a prudent business, you may not want to make your clients wait too long. 

The Curaçao ship chandler can help by forwarding your freight at least to the next land location. 

In conclusion

This is how helpful a ship chandling company can be. 


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