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A Guide To Buying Pure Titanium Rings

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Wearing titanium wedding rings between men and women is highly trending these days. It is a fine choice for couples looking for a shiny, metallic, and sleek look on their wedding day. Though women also prefer to wear gold and diamond jewelry, titanium rings for men are more popular. But choosing the best quality titanium ring from the best brands is a bit of a complicated task. If you go to a jewelry outlet together with your partner looking for titanium rings for your wedding day, then you are most likely to get very confused. Due to the abundance of styles and options in wedding rings, selecting the right one is quite daunting.

Jewelers provide a wide variety of designs and styles in titanium rings. They can create sturdy, stylish, durable, and fashionable rings, suited to the tastes and preferences of the customers. 

To make the best choice, first of all, you need to understand what you should look for in the titanium rings. You have to understand certain factors that distinguish a pure titanium ring from other allegedly pure titanium rings for men.


Why Do Men Prefer Titanium Rings?

Men usually prefer lightweight and strong things. Titanium rings stand true on both counts. Titanium is essentially a natural metal, found in silver, grey, and white colors. People find it easy to carry it because of its strength and very lightweight. The additional advantage of titanium rings is that they have a special hypoallergenic quality. Titanium is 100% compatible with the human body, which ensures that wearing titanium rings will not result in an allergy or skin reaction.

Men must do all sorts of hard work such as plumbing, hammering, or repairing. These activities could damage your ring or put a dent on it. But titanium is so solid that it remains mostly unharmed during all these activities.

How to Check the Purity of Your Titanium Ring?

First of all, if you have ordered a titanium ring for your wedding, a point to consider is that titanium rings contain 99% titanium. If your ring has lower amounts of titanium, then it is not a pure titanium ring and will therefore not bear all the qualities of a true titanium ring.

Sometimes your jeweler might provide you with a titanium ring during selection, and ask whether you want to add some coating or plating to it. In that case, it is a red flag on the purity of the titanium. Anytime a jeweler wishes to use some kind of coating on the ring, it is an indication that the ring is being externally protected from scratches or dents.

If the jeweler offers you different designs in the titanium ring, and also tells you that it is easy to resize your ring, then again it is a question mark on the purity of titanium. While titanium is far more durable than gold, it is not easy to resize. Thus, while selecting your titanium ring, you should bear in mind that titanium is extremely solid and it is not an easy task to resize it.

Another simple tactic through which the purity of any titanium ring can be tested is to hold a magnet to that ring. Pure titanium rings will never be easily attached to a magnet while a so-called titanium ring with a combination of steel would be easily attached to the magnet.

Another very simple test that could easily detect a titanium ring's purity is its weight. While shopping for a titanium ring, it should have 99% titanium, since the metal is extremely light. So, check the weight of that ring while choosing a titanium ring for your wedding. If the ring is light, it means the ring is pure. But if it’s heavy, then some other metal has been mixed with titanium.


Whether titanium rings are suitable for you, depends on what you want. If you want a diamond engagement ring that matches the wedding band and can easily be resized in the future, then a titanium ring may not be the right option for you. If you're looking for a lightweight, stylish and relatively inexpensive ring, then titanium rings make a great alternative.

If you're looking for a reasonable alternative for weddings and special occasions to the traditional gold rings, titanium might provide a solution. Similar to white gold in appearance, this sturdy metal can stand in for its costlier metallic friends. Jewelers already use titanium extensively, so you should have no trouble finding styles that suit your needs.

Thanks to being lightweight, sturdy, and readily available in decent colors, the use of titanium rings for men is growing day by day. But all men should bear in mind that not all good looking titanium rings are pure. So to appreciate the features of a true titanium ring, one has to bring it to test.

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