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A guide to cannabis extraction equipment technology

CBD Isolate

A long time before CBD oil, THC tincture and weed butter or cannabis concentrate was bought, it needs to be extracted. It is the main job of the cannabis extraction equipment which does the high profile work. The machines are equipped with state of the art technology to remove the coveted cannabis compounds from the very matrix of the plant.

But when you are going for the obvious question, which one is the best value for money and which one is the best in the industry?

Hence, there are some industrial and some general equipment technology. You can use CO2 as a solvent and also utilize alcohol. There are a few pros and cons and thus it can be said that labs like Salem Scientific labs are the leader in cannabis extraction equipment and education.

Apart from that, here are a few kinds of equipment we can discuss. Again, they can be of different sizes such as a kettle or industrial size. This can be a good handy guide for cannabis extraction equipment.

The CO2 cannabis extraction may not be the cheapest solvent going but it has its benefits. It can be due to machines, high heat, and pressures. The gas becomes supercritical due to all of this which enables it to extract much higher yields than the other solvent methods.

CO2 Extraction System

There is automation which happens in all the stages. This improves the extraction process when it is down with repeatability and accuracy. The whole equipment is focused on developing the automated extraction system which is very essential for the cannabis industry. The whole extraction system has a lot of automated controls which makes no reason possibly to use the manual valves. Apart from that the equipment claims to be running on the streamlining of the process which it has set up. This equipment can process 20 pounds of cannabis material in 4 hours. It can also run without supervision which can enable a good 6 runs per day.

Here are the Pros and Cons of this extraction system:


  • Small footprint
  • It conserves energy as it has less energy consumption
  • Does not require any harmful solvents


  • It is not a great option for the small scale production
  • It is quite expensive
  • The CO2 that is used must be stored carefully.

Supercritical CO2 extraction system

The extraction methods are various and hence, the throughput will always be the key element for the improvement. This is the supercritical CO2 extraction system where 1-3 vessels are purely used for increasing the amount of the material that is processed in line with accordance with the producer’s requirements. The whole concept of flexibility and scalability is what is so desirable in this equipment. It can give fast-paced results in the cannabis industry and this can help the companies grow fast and the requirements can be changing differently.


  • Small footprint
    • It is suitable for the average scale production
    • It can be scalable and the add ons are also there to enhance the functionality


  • It is not suitable for the whole large scale production
    • The whole CO2 that is used for  the production
    • It is quite complex too and only operates at high pressures

High-Performance Equipment

The high-performance series equipment is known for processing powers. This is one of the latest equipment in the industry.  It is capable of processing as much as 107lbs of biomass a day. There is a rapid change over for the maximum extraction times. Also visit here https://n4gm.com


  • Closed-loop design with up to almost 95 percent of CO2 recapture rate
    • Energy-efficient equipment
    • There isn't any scope of failure in the machine because of a few moving internal parts


  • It should always require a well ventilated and tightly controlled lab environment
    • Not suitable for any of the small scale operations
    • Need scientific expertise supervision while optimizing the equipment
    • It is quite expensive than the other machine.

Extractor Equipment

Here out of all the industrial behemoths, the extractor is a small part. It is like an all in one as it is capable of processing 1oz at 4500 psi by its own. It has the capabilities which can be expanded with the purchased additions.


  • Very affordable compared to the other equipment
  • It is ideal for small scale production
  • Best and the cheapest extractors found in the market.


  • It has very low capacity compared to the other equipment in the cannabis industry
    • It is not suited for the mass large scale production
    • It is practical makes it necessary for the expansion packs too.


Hence, these are a few types of equipment you can find in the labs that is the leader in cannabis extraction equipment and education. It has many other types of equipment such as alcohol cannabis extraction equipment which are leading the cannabis industry.

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