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A Guide To Choose The Right Wine Glasses And Stemware

A Guide To Choose The Right Wine Glasses And Stemware is a definitive guide to the wine glasses and stemware that will best suit your needs. This book gives you everything you need to know about glass shapes, styles, types of crystal glass, and more so you can find the right set for your home or restaurant. Whether it’s a wedding reception or just an intimate dinner party with friends, this guide offers expert advice on choosing from the many different types of glasses available today.

Included in this content are all the essential facts about wine glasses: their history; how they are made; their varied shapes; what wines they hold well; what wines they don’t work well with; when one type of glass is preferable to another; and how they may be used properly.

The perfect choice for wine connoisseurs, this book is your guide to choosing the best style of glasses at the right price for you. Wine glasses come in different shapes, sizes and materials.

A Guide To Choose The Right Wine Glasses And Stemware

There are six shapes of wine glasses

1. champagne flute: the champagne flute is tall and slender which helps to keep the bubbles.

2. white wine glass: the bulge of a white wine glass is helpful in encouraging aeration which helps to release the full flavor of lighter wines.

3. red wine glasses: it has a shorter stemmed bowl to hold less liquid and cools down more quickly than a wide bowl or conical shape, it moves air around the wine.

4. dessert wine glasses: it is shorter and wider than the other types of wine glasses, and its wide-topped shape helps concentrated aromas to be delivered upward and released.

5. brandy balloon: it has a large round bowl that can hold much more liquid than other types of wine glasses which makes it suitable for brandy and cognac.

6. shot glass: it is short and thin, and its design encourages quick consumption.

2 Wine Glasses And Stemware Materials

Glass: this material is the most common type of wine glasses; they are fairly inexpensive and durable.

Crystal: this material is very elegant but very expensive, it is breakable and the possible cut hazard to those drinking from it.

Lead crystal: this type of glass is heavier than other types of wine glasses and made stronger by adding lead oxide which makes them easy to chip and break.

Wood: these types of wine glasses are becoming popular again as more people recognize the environmental and health benefits of using wooden wine glasses.

Metal: this type of material is durable and unbreakable, and scratch resistant in some cases, but it will conduct heat which may be dangerous when drinking very hot drinks.

Plastic: plastic is becoming popular for cheap disposable types of wine glasses that are used for outdoor parties and picnics.

How To Choose The Right Wine Glasses And Stemware For You

There are several factors in choosing the right type of beer wine glassware; it is mostly about personal preference and style.

Sommeliers recommend that you should buy a few different types of wine glasses to suit your own taste.

Style: do you prefer something elegant and expensive or simple and functional?

Material: do you need to match your dinnerware set, will the material be appropriate for the foods you are serving, is it dishwasher safe?

Something Unique: would you prefer a novelty shaped wine glasses that can make your dinner table look more interesting?

Shape: if you are serving wines with low tannins, red wines, or white wines it is preferable to choose a more conical shaped wine glass.

The bowl of the glass should be round and wide so that there is plenty of room for swirling the wine around, this helps distribute the color, flavor, and aromas throughout the entire surface area of the wine.

The stem of a wine glass should be between 7-10cm long to allow the heat from your hand to warm up the bowl and not transfer too much coldness from your grip.
The weight of a wine glass does not matter as much as its shape, size, and material because it is mainly to do with its aesthetics.

When you are serving sparkling wines, it is important to use a wine glass that has a tall narrow stem so the bubbles do not dissipate too quickly because of the wide bowl. This will prevent loss of carbonation which can alter its flavor.

3 Things To Avoid When Choosing The Right Wine Glasses And Stemware

Using dirty wine glasses, old or cracked glasses.

Choosing a wrong size of wine glasses for the types of wines you are serving.

Using cheap crystal wine glasses which can crack and cause injury to those drinking from it.

In conclusion, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to choosing the right type of wine glasses for their own style.

However, it is important to choose the right size of wine glasses for your wines, and never use something that can cause injury while you are drinking from it.

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