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A Guide to Earthing System

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Safety is of paramount importance in all electrical systems. As electrical systems are very expensive and one makes a huge investment into these, it is only wise to take proper care of these. Their proper care will also ensure that there is the safety of people and electrical appliances as well. Such protection to the electrical system is provided by a good earthing system.


The industrial earthing system connects the conductive parts, i.e., metallic parts, to the ground. It is done to provide a safe passage to the excessive electric current to the ground so that there is the safety of human life and electrical appliances. It can also be defined as the connection of the neutral points to the power supply to the ground in order to minimize the risk of the electric current charge. Hence one of the vital aims of the earthing system is safety and security. If there is any leakage, then the current will choose the low resistance path, thus ensuring protection against damage. Earthing is of the prime need because it protects everyone from electric charge. 


Also, it provides the safest path for the electrical charge to the ground without causing any harm to anyone. A short circuit is caused by the sudden surges in voltage that have the potential of causing huge damage, which now one can be protected through the installation of the earthing system. The earthing can be done in two ways. These are neutral earthing and equipment earthing. Under neutral earthing, the system neutral is connected to the earth through wires, and under equipment earthing, the non-current carrying part is connected to the ground through conducting wire.


Before going ahead with the installation of the earthing system, one must be clear about the various components of the earthing system. These are explained as below:

  • Earth Cable: The first component of the earthing system is the earth cable. Earth cable connects the conductor with the metallic parts. The different range of metallic parts and conductors solely depends upon the type of earth cable being used. Usually, copper conductors are used, but in some cases, copper strips are used.

  • Earthing Joint: The second component is the earthing joint. The ground electrodes and the conductors connecting to the ground conductor are known as earthing joints. Earthing joint tip that connects to the ground conductor is called as connecting ends.

  • Earth Plate: This is the last component of the earthing system. The earth plate is hidden underground and is connected to the lead of the ground. It is always placed in a vertical direction coated with salt and charcoal lime to maintain the proper moisture around it.


These components make up the earthing system. Further, there are various types in which the earthing process can take place. The different types include:

  • Plate Earthing System: Under this system, the plate is made up of copper, which is placed in a vertical position in the pit. To make sure it functions properly, maintain the ground moisture for this purpose.

  • Pipe Earthing System: when the iron pipe is used in wet and place in a vertical position, it is called a pipe earthing system. The size of the pipe will depend upon the type of soil and how strong the current is. The pipe length that needs to be placed inside the ground depends upon the soil moisture.

  • Rod Earthing System: The concept of the rod earthing system is similar to the plate earthing system. The major difference between these two is that in the case of the rod earthing system, galvanized steel pipe is used. The rod is to be placed vertically buried inside the ground at a certain level. The extra charge of electric current will ultimately be transferred to the ground.


As the use of copper is an expensive affair, so lots of people prefer pipe earthing system over plate 

earthing system as galvanized iron is a much more cost effective way of implementing and installing of earthing system. The role of the earthing system is different in the case of low voltage and high voltage systems. In the case of the low voltage system, the main focus is on the voltage fluctuations whereas, in the case of a high voltage system, the main focus is to make sure the reliability of the power supply.

Earthing system installation is, therefore, very crucial as it provides a number of benefits to its users. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:


  • The Earthing system provided protection in case of surges in the electric charge. In the absence of the proper earthing system, irreparable damage could be caused to human life as well as various electrical appliances. It provides the path through which the excessive electrical current can be easily discharged into the ground with the help of low resistance cables or wire, thus ensuring complete security.

  • Another reason to use an earthing system is that it provides the stabilization of voltage through the reference point. It makes sure that the correct amount of power is distributed to different voltage sources.

  • One of the important reasons for which the earthing system is used to protect against electric shocks. Electric shocks can be very dangerous to one’s life, and it is important to be safeguarded against.

  • Earth is the best conductor, and it will help to direct the excess current into the ground as the current will pass through the one that gives the least resistance and thus help in saving a life as the current will not pass through one’s body.

  • Earthing also makes sure that the electric system is safe in proper condition by making sure there is no excessive current.

  • Another reason for choosing the installation of the earthing system is that it is able to identify any fault and defect with the electrical system so that there is no hindrance in one's work because of failure of the system.

  • The Earthing system also protects from the harmful effects of lightning. Lightning has the ability to cause sudden surge, and in the worst case scenario, it could result into fire. Such a situation is nightmare for everyone. One can avoid such situation by installing he electric earthing system.


Hence these are certain things that make one aware about what earthing is, its various type and why it is absolutely essential to install the earthing system. One must always consult a good earthing management company to get the all required information about it.

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