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A Guide to Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Methods

Eyebrow tattoos are a permanent makeup technique used to make your life easier and enhance your beauty. If you have an eyebrow tattoo that you desire to remove permanently or wish to correct, worry not because there are experts who have got your back. They will look at your existing tattoo to provide you with a suitable correction treatment.

What exactly is done?

In some cases, the experts might be able to colour correct the tattoo without removing it altogether. But if it is beyond repair, then it can be removed altogether using the safest, chemical-free methods.

The saline solution used to remove the eyebrow tattoo consists of milled sea salt, purified water, lemon seed extract, orange seed extract, and aloe vera. This technique of eyebrow tattoo removal  is completely safe and provides clients with a satisfying outcome.

However, the results will vary depending on the client’s skin condition, their capacity to heal well, and their health.

Duration of treatment and healing

The number of sessions it will take to remove a cosmetic tattoo depends mostly on the type of tattoo involved, the patient’s skin, and the colour and type of the ink used. Eyebrow tattoo removal usually takes only a handful of sessions, probably 4 to 8 weeks.

The duration of healing depends on the client's skin type, the colour and type of ink to be lightened, their overall health and their individual healing capacity. 

Methods of removal

Laser eyebrow tattoo removal

● Laser removal can remove any unwanted ink on or near your eyebrows. The laser removal process is done by the emission of a few pulses of laser light. This removal treatment guarantees permanent removal of a tattooed brow.

● In laser treatment, pulses of light energy are emitted into your tattoo, where the ink particles in the skin absorb the wavelengths of the laser and break down until they disappear.

● The number of sessions needed for tattoo removal depends on the size and colour of the tattoo and the kind of ink used by your artist.

● Usually, through laser technique, it only takes a minute per session to remove the tattoo. Getting a tattoo removed is often quicker than getting it made!

● A laser tattoo device only emits specific wavelengths of light, which typically break up only certain colours.

● Laser removal can cause blisters, often prolonging the recovery process a little. But it provides permanent results, and the side effects eventually subside with the proper aftercare routine advised by the artist.

● Laser removal is expensive as compared to the saline method.

 Saline eyebrow tattoo removal

● Saline removal is effective on all types of tattoos, regardless of location, colour, and age. Cosmetic tattoos, done with any machine or manual tool, can be permanently removed through the saline solution.

● In this method, a solution consisting of milled sea salt, lemon seed extract, purified water, orange seed extract, and aloe vera is used to penetrate the skin and disintegrate the tattoo pigment and pull it out of the skin.

● This method is an excellent option for those who have diabetes, have recently gone through cancer radiation treatment, or have autoimmune disorders.

● Saline removal is completely safe for all skin types; it is less painful than laser removal procedures as there is no appearance of blisters, hypo/hyperpigmented, or scarred skin.

● The saline method targets all colours within each session, making it a highly appealing choice compared to the laser removal procedure.

● In laser removal, the recovery rate is slow and can be painful with excess blistering, whereas the saline method is more gentle, resulting only in light scabbing.

● Saline removal is quite effective and completely safe as compared to laser removal because laser removal cannot lift the white ink that is mainly titanium based. Also, it's very important to remember to never to get laser treatment on titanium-based pigments because it will darken the colour to a deeper shade making it extremely complex to remove with saline solution once done.

● Each laser machine only emits specific wavelengths of light, which can break up only certain colours. Even though newer equipment is available in the market, it is quite expensive. Whereas saline doesn't differentiate and works on all colours. 

Final Thoughts

The next time you are looking for a change in your style quotient or unhappy with the way your eyebrow tattoo turned out, rest assured that you can rely on laser or saline solution methods to get it removed. With licensed and certified experts catering to your eyebrow tattoo removal, you don’t have to worry anymore. The deep insight and expertise they possess guarantee permanent results. A quick consultation with the experts will help them understand your specific eyebrow tattoo removal needs and recommend the right treatment plan. You don’t have to worry about the pain and aftermath of the removal process because the side effects will subside within a few days by following proper aftercare recommended by your expert.

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