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A Guide To Hire The Best Car Accident Lawyer For You

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Even if it leaves just a tiny scratch on our car and nothing but a broken nail on our finger, car accidents can be traumatic regardless of the consequences. 

Even if the physical injuries are not big, we can easily fall into the state of shock when we hear the financial cost, particularly if we’ve been driving without insurance


In a car accident scenario, it’s best for you to search for and hire a car accident lawyer, who can contribute not only with his/her knowledge but also with years of experience and skill to negotiate. If you are not familiar with the concept of car accident law then you should consult an attorney who is skilled in handling such cases.


As insurance companies already have their best ones to fight your case, these simple rules can help you choose the best one to fight back!

Free consultation

If you have enough time to decide and your case is not an emergency, schedule a free consultation with different lawyers to see what they have in mind. Most people usually ignore the legal aspect of a car accident and simply accept the fact that they will have to live with the damage. A Guide to Hire the Best Car Accident Lawyer for You tells them what to do so as to ensure that they get the compensation that they actually deserve.


The one you choose will guide you and represent you in court, so make sure you pick a lawyer who is really there for you! There are several ways by which you can access legal help. You can approach a local attorney or you can go online and find legal help that suits your requirement in the best possible manner.


One of the best teams with the most professional lawyers, specializing in car accidents (among a wide range of other fields), are Optimal Solicitors


Their team will examine every detail of your case to make sure you get what you deserve in the end - the best settlement possible

No win no fee policy

The majority of lawyers work under ‘’no win no fee’’ policy. This means that, in case you don’t win in court, you won’t be charged. 


Saving some money this way is very important to clients, so check if the lawyer you chose offers you this option. 


On the other hand, if you do win in the court, your lawyer will take a certain percentage off of your settlement. 

Clear the air

If your lawyer does include ‘’no win no fee’’ policy into his or her practice, discuss the percentage upfront


Be proactive and communicate! Before the whole process starts, define what is the amount he/she is going to deduct from your settlement. 

This way you won’t be surprised or shocked when the bill comes. Don’t agree on a price you’re not comfortable with!  

Present the evidence

Medical records, medical bills, insurance documents and other paperwork - all of these are worthy evidence that increases your chances of winning. 

Show them pictures of car damage, of your injuries, a police report, etc. 


Your lawyer will know exactly what can be used as evidence and how to present them in the court! Trust them with your case and make sure they have your best interest in heart.

Be patient and participate!

Fight for what you deserve

Don’t give up when the first obstacle occurs but keep going. Communicate with your lawyer, get to know the process and inform yourself with ways you can contribute to the procedure.


Don’t expect the settlement to be quick, as it depends on the circumstances of the accident. Always be available if a phone rings or an email comes! 

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