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A Guide to Introducing Your Activewear Collection

Sportswear has become an incredibly popular product category in the world of clothing. In fact, some brands solely focus on this category to target fitness lovers, athletes and other consumers. Of course, the success of your activewear collection can depend on a variety of factors, including choosing the right activewear factory, picking appropriate and comfortable fabrics and designing the garments to suit your customer base. We’ve listed some questions we often hear when people talk to us about activewear manufacturing. Keep reading!

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Why start an activewear collection?

It’s never been trendier to stay in shape, and an increasing number of people have become interested in following a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy has created a whole new consumer market that desires comfort and fashion in combination with fabrics and patterns that suit their active lives. This segment knows no geographical boundaries and is popular across the globe. If designers invest their time and money sensibly, there is a huge opportunity for activewear brands to make an impact.

How to choose activewear fabrics?

As with most product categories, there are both natural and synthetic fabrics available to choose from. Fabric quality is the most critical part of any sportswear or activewear collection, so initial fabric testing is vital to ensure the garment will stand up to rigorous activity associated with sports and exercise. Testing materials for shrinkage, colour durability, flexibility and soaking capacity are just a few things to consider. Along with that, fabrics need to feel comfortable to the skin, allowing the wearer to feel comfortable, no matter what.

What makes certain manufacturers ‘specialists’ in activewear production?

A specialist manufacturer will combine traditional production methods with modern-age technologies, understanding how to attain technical design properties without exceeding the desired budget. As well, specialist manufacturing partners always provide sampling, allowing you to test your clothing ideas in advance of mass production runs. Finally, you can rely on an experienced manufacturer to complete the multi-stage production process on-time. They bring efficiency to production, coming in on-time and on-budget, which then allows you to launch your collection strategically.

How do you keep the production cost under control?

The answer to this question also lies in your ability to pick the right activewear factory. While it’s simply irresponsible to believe that good quality or ethical clothing can be obtained cheaply, the right manufacturers can avoid significant mistakes or delays in the production process. Mistakes and delays ultimately costs you more money, so working with an experienced manufacturer is crucial to keep your budget on track.

What makes marketing easier in activewear category?

When marketing your activewear collection, remember about your unique selling proposition. Talk about your garments’ fitting and sizes, as well as their comfort levels. With competitive pricing, consistent marketing and excellent customer service, your customers will naturally be drawn to your products.

Work With An Ethical Activewear Factory

While this guide certainly isn’t comprehensive, it should give you a good start when it comes to making your activewear range. Launching a clothing line is never easy, but by working with ethical and experienced manufacturers, you give yourself the best possible chance of success.

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