A guide to maintain garden tools and equipment


There are literally millions of different garden tools and equipment out there whatever your favorite tools are maintenance is very important to a long and happy life with all your gardening tools.

Finding the right garden tools for you can take time and money so once you have found the perfect tools that fit you and your need's it is very important to care for all your garden equipment.

Don't leave your tools out in the elements. I like to stop working a little early and clean up whatever project I am working on. Honestly, I have been scolded by my wife enough time for leaving something out in the yard, Just the other day my favorite sprinkler had a run in with a lawn mower. Needless to say the mower won.

Hedge trimmers or shears need to be sharpened whenever you notice them getting dull. If your plants are ripped instead of cut they can be damaged and end up brown and unhealthy. That is also a good rule for mower blades. Also don't forget to oil them try making a habit of maintenance every spring.

Watch out for garden hose. They will attack with any provocation. I did not even leave the hoe on the ground it was leaning against a tree and I back up steeping on the blade of the hoe and got thumped in the back of the head. Of course your first instinct is to look around to see if anyone is looking. Always laugh at the little follies in life, after all laughter is the best medicine.


Care of garden tools is always a good thing.
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I like to paint the wood handles with a good oil-based paint it helps to prolong their life. Also if you pick a nice bright color there easy to spot. You can even spay paint any metal parts nice and bright, they will scratch, but they will be easy to spot and look good for quite a while.

If your getting blisters on your hands try wrapping the handles with some duck tape. Now there is such a wide selection of styles and colors to chose from. My kids got me some hello kitty duct tape for Christmas. When I taped two garden hoses together and my husband saw them he just stood there and laughed. “Adapted and overcome” as my dad always says.

I have also heard of oiling wood handle garden tools making sure to sand them down first. Then proceed to oil until they won't absorb any more oil. Now I have not tried this my self, I will have to give it a go to see if it works. Maybe I will just end up with oily hands.

For a metal tool you can clean them with steel wool. I have also read you can store your mettle tool's in a bucket of sand and vegetable oil. If you move them in and out of the sand it helps to clean them. After doing some research I have discovered I have not been taking care of my gardening tools properly.