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A Healthcare Resource Management Tool to Manage Medical Resources During COVID -19

Imagine when there are limited resources and demand is exceeding the supply. Won’t allocation become a challenge in this scenario? Hospitals and clinics are places where there is too much data flow regularly. This patient-related data is very important and must be retrieved immediately whenever required. Healthcare resources, including equipment or material and human resources, are limited nowadays. Be it public or private sector healthcare, there is always a shortage of resources that can deliver the care. Moreover, with most facilities functioning 24x7 around the year, it is tough to keep pace with the complex requirements. So, what is the solution? There is an urgent need for automation and digital record-keeping in the healthcare field. Using healthcare resource management software for staff allocation and scheduling can be a game-changer. 

How can a Resource Allocation SoftwareHelp in the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry around the world continues to be swamped by some serious challenges. Resource planning tools offer various benefits such as seamless resource scheduling, allocation, enhanced productivity, and improved business process efficiency. So, to choose the right software for resource allocation for your hospital, you first need to determine the main reasons why you require this tool. It could be to have a central repository of data or to provide a better patient experience, enhance the communication and infrastructure, etc. Let’s look at how implementing a healthcare resource management tool can provide better results.

  1. Digitize all Your Patient Records

Patient diagnosis files, paper charts, and procedure notes belong to the times bygone. Healthcare facilities globally now make use of electronic health records and filing systems. Digitizing all the patient healthcare records has various multi-tier advantages. If hospitals and clinics develop and follow a single health record for each of their patients, it becomes much easier to retrieve and save data without losing it. It also helps to pull out the patient’s history in lesser time. In addition to that, the doctors get a comprehensive view of the entire health history of a patient which helps in making well-informed decisions.


  1. Automating the Hospital's Manual and Repetitive Tasks to Save Time

The Healthcare sector has been faced with lots of challenges. It’s not an easy task to handle business operations while providing quality healthcare to patients. Besides, because of a lack of proper infrastructure, equipment, and resources, it is very difficult for healthcare facilities to provide the required services to the patients. Using a healthcare resource management tool like eResource Scheduler is your best bet. This all-in-one software can help in automating most repetitive and manual tasks such as appointment scheduling, handling, and storing patient records, inventory management, resource allocation, etc. This helps to save time for doctors as they can then focus on providing treatment to a greater number of patients.

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Resource management software

  1. Handle the Entire Workflow

A resource allocation software has the capability to manage the end-to-end workflow of a healthcare facility with ease. Moreover, errors that were happening due to manual tasks will reduce or be eliminated. A healthcare resource management tool like eResource Scheduler send on-time notifications and reminders to the staff regarding their scheduled activities. The tool works as a central platform where all the doctors and other staff can access all the data they need in a few simple steps. This speeds up the whole process while ensuring that no information is lost.

  1. Integrated Interface and Different Permissions According toUser Roles

Advanced healthcare resources management tools like eResource Scheduler offer privacy and data security. This tool offers flexibility in terms of user access rights depending on multiple screens, groupings, and even custom-defined fields. This helps the hospital to determine which level of access they want to allow to each user according to their specific requirements. Advance access rules help the healthcare facility to segregate the data as per their structure while making sure that data confidentiality and compliance are maintained strictly. 

  1. Ease for Doctors and Staffof the Hospital

Integrating every department of the healthcare facility helps in easing out various processes for the doctors and other staff. Availability of all important data helps in maximizing staff utilization and eventually leads to more profitability. With a resource allocation tool, you can pull out real-time resource utilization for all staff members and do automated skill matching. You can plan your resource requirement, plan the schedules, and manage capacity and a lot more. The configurable graphs provide an easy-to-understand and visual representation of complicated data. You can create analytical reports with comprehensive dashboards. The life of doctors and other staff also eases out because manual paperwork is reduced, and information can be shared using electronic health records.

  1. Easily Handle all the Insurance Claims and Reimbursements

The major part of the hospital revenue comes through various insurance reimbursements. However, what is tricky here is handling the humongous amount of documentation. Each patient’s records need to be submitted within a timeline. Then, follow-ups and resubmissions are also important tasks that healthcare facilities can’t avoid. An integrated healthcare resource management tool eases out the process by collecting and storing all the required data centrally. The software also ensures that no information of any services is missed out during billing and no errors occur.

eResource Scheduler – A Leading Healthcare Resource Management Tool

What if you had a tool that could resolve all the challenges faced by healthcare facilities? eResource Scheduler is one such resource allocation and healthcare resource management software that effectively streamlines your resource scheduling, allocation, and resource management processes. Read on to find how you can benefit by using this award-winning resource allocation software. If you are a facility considering healthcare resource management software, try Enbraun’s Cloud-based flagship product named eResource Scheduler. This tool can help you do resource scheduling, capacity planning, tracking the utilization and performance of your staff, and managing resources and tasks. 

Benefits of eResource Scheduler

Here are some of the key benefits that this tool offers:

  • eResource Scheduler allows drag-and-drop scheduling, flexible configuration, custom report generation, and streamlines the resource management process.

  • It provides a centralized list of all the projects and resources so that staff and project managers can get a larger picture. They can also efficiently schedule resources, while the team members will be aware of the tasks they need to work on. 

  • It’s easy to check and monitor the availability of all the resources in real-time in this tool. This way, you can identify the right resources and immediately schedule them on a task in case of some medical emergencies.

  • If you need an advanced healthcare facility, you can purchase the ERM software from eResource Scheduler

  • This tool is easy to use and everyone using the software has a choice to generate customized reports as per the required configuration.

  • It streamlines your resource allocation process and ensures that there is no shortage of resources ever and every single resource is properly utilized. 

  • It provides a comprehensive list of all the tasks and sub-tasks you and your team need to accomplish. 

  • It also provides a list of details about resources like their competencies, skill sets, experience, availability, etc. This enables you to contact the right people if you need some help with some task. 

  • The tool enables the managers to track and monitor the time being spent by their team members on each task on a real-time basis. This helps in tracking and optimizing their utilization and productivity too.

  • Its intuitive and simple interface makes the tool user-friendly. It can be easily integrated with the facility’s old or existing systems. It offers customization options to design specific use-case applications for hospitals. 

  • The tool can be deployed by standalone clinics, larger hospitals, emergency wards, and pharmacies. It offers various modules for communicating with stakeholders like dashboard, billing and invoicing, and email/SMS.

  • It also provides API support to connect and share data across multiple platforms.

The Best and Leading Healthcare Resource Management Software

eResource Scheduler is a resource allocation software that is very easy to use. But if you need any support in doing so, Enbraun provides a personalized Account Manager. He will help you to create and configure different fields, forms, and download relevant reports for your business. So, if you have any queries or want to know more about this intuitive healthcare resource management software, sign up for a free trial today. 

Company Bio: 

ENBRAUN is a software product and service company. eResource Scheduler is its Flagship software product.





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