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A Helpful Guide on How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Are you the Maid of Honor bestowed the responsibility to host the best bachelorette party ever? I know how daunting it seems, but by taking the right steps, everything can go smoothly until the actual party day.

Wondering how to plan the best bachelorette party? Check out the seven helpful steps and tips!

1.      Pre-Plan Everything

Know more about what the bride wants for her bachelorette party! You can either meet with her to learn what her dream party is like or if you want it as a surprise, try to get some hints of what she may want.

Once you have some info from the bride, you can start to have an idea to make plans, considering the following:

·         Location

·         Theme

·         Timeframe and party date

·         Guestlist

·         Budget

·         Other small details such as the attire or extra activities in the itinerary

You can start asking the guests you plan to invite and see if they have the budget for it or find out whoever is paying for the party. Once that’s settled and you’ve got the essential details, the real planning will begin!

2.      Invite the Loved Ones

Just like how the bride and groom invite ahead, you need to do the same for the bachelorette party! You want to lock in your guest list and ensure that all the invitees have time to prepare, and you’ll also want them to begin pitching in, both in budget and planning.

You don’t have to make the invites expensive, send it online, or create an online event. You can include the bare details first and continue updating as you confirm the plans. Be sure to include the location, date, and contact information for RSVPing and other questions.

3.      Figure Out the Big Details

When you have an idea of who’s attending the bachelorette party, start planning the bigger parts of it. Reserve the location and/or accommodation such as the hotel or Airbnb, know who can contribute their vehicles for transportations, and lock in other must-haves like spa dates or other fun activities.

Be sure to avoid last-minute changes once you’ve confirmed it all. Not only does this stress you out, but the guests and companies you plan to transact with, too!

4.      Set Deadlines

When you have made all the decisions and listed down what you need and to reserve, it’s time to start booking. This means it’s time to start collecting money from those on your guest list if required.

If so, set deadlines for the booking, as well as when and where guests should send their cash. This will have you confirm and pay for everything early so everything will be smooth sailing. Be firm with payment deadlines to avoid any financial issues and booking problems along the way.

Once you’ve collected the cash, start booking and head on to the next step!

5.      Plan Your Itinerary

Head on to the deeper details, which is to plan your activities for the day or weekend? This may be overwhelming, so you don’t want to do this last minute!

Also, avoid overthinking it and creating too many details or following things by the minute. I would rather underplay for parties and give some leeway time since we never know who’ll be late (or hungover!).

Select key events (ones that the bride will love) for each day, having a lot of free time. Then, send the itinerary to your guests and see if they’re on board with it.

Seems like too much effort? Companies like My Ultimate Hens Brisbane can do some of the detailing for you so you can focus on other important party matters!

6.      Order All the Necessities

Now that the big and deeper details are done, make a list of the smaller details now. Prepare and order for all the things you need and want to perfect the party.

You might want adorable bachelorette party decorations, dining essentials, personal details, custom clothes, banners, and the like. Also, maybe have it shopped to the location to avoid lugging all the decor in your luggage.

Don’t go overboard and think of your budget! The other bridesmaids can help you out with this.

7.      Have Fun and Go With the Flow!

Now, it’s time to party! Get to the location early to prepare ahead and iron out any final details or issues. Plus, it gives you some time to rest before the big event.

Once you’re out partying, stay on top of things but also go with the flow. It won’t go exactly the way you planned and the itinerary won’t be followed through to the dot. But just focus more on the moment and have fun with the bride and your loved ones, which is the most important and main part of the event.

Have fun and good luck planning!

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan is HR and Content Editor at Techssocial. He has written and share many good and informative articles on various websites and niche like technology, web design, graphic design, marketing, business, social media, search engine optimization, etc. He loves to share knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.
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