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A Holistic Approach to Advertisement: A break from digital marketing

How many unnecessary promotional emails do you usually receive a day? You are tired of them coming to your mailbox. You don’t even open them. You mark spam and forget all about them. So, we understand that here lies the problem regarding digital marketing. It is not new or exciting anymore. People don’t buy into the approach like they use to a decade back. Bright colours, flashy animation do nothing to engage the audience. Excessive target marketing only alienates them further. They know that they are duped into buying something that they absolutely have no use for. And people don’t like to be cheated on. So, this bombarding of digital marketing will create a psychological aversion in the audience against your service. From a business perspective, that is the last thing you would want for your company. 

It is well established that people are worn out with various charades that the marketing team comes up with. People want to block out unnecessary noises and look for simpler days. We want to de-clutter our space and lead a simple life. This should exactly be the mantra now for advertising. If people carve for the old-time charm, companies should provide that. That is why there are many businesses that serve the retro theme. The young and old alike prefer the simplicity and values of old times. How can we incorporate this ideology in our commercial sector?

Here are some refreshing new ideas that look back on the old days: 

Leaflet distributions: It is just plain and simple truth that physical leaflets hang around longer. So, if you go for such a form of advertisement it has its own benefits. Brochure Printing is easy and fun. First, you have to have a fantastic design for your brochure. You may use a retro theme. Use block colours to hold attention. You can design your own leaflet yourself if you are skilled at your craft. Or you can always hire professional help who would design a fantastic brochure for you. You would work with the artist to create a sketch that reflects your brand value. It should be interesting and should give a brief description of your business. An engaging leaflet will attract a broader audience sector who would want to explore your services. Once you are set with the designs you need to produce leaflets in bulk, and hire help on an hourly basis to distribute your brochure. You can also target offices to send out your brochure. Schools and Universities print brochures to let students know about the opportunities that might be useful to them. It is just a proven fact that physical print format is way more engaging than an online advertisement. 

Graffiti: We still remember the wall painting of Coco-cola on the walls of our neighbourhood. That was a great campaign that earned the soda company millions in revenue. Wall graffiti is a powerful art form that is still thriving all over the world. There are a group of artists who are specialised in developing wall art. New York is one of the hubs where you can find expert graffiti painters. You can hire them and explain your concepts to them. They with their specialised techniques will bring the visual imagery to life. This gives your product a larger than life portrayal. This is a great way to build your brand image. These wall paintings are very popular with youngsters. They post Instagram selfies with wall-art all the time. This would be a great way to generate organic reach. In the same line, Billboard art is also another great place to use graffiti works. Use these techniques to your advantage.

Print Advertisements: Advertisement in print media is nothing new. And this type of advertisement is still booming. So, why not use this form with a unique touch. You can pick and choose the newspapers and magazine that serves to your target audience and then write advertisements for that particular forum. Here also you can add touches of fonts and designs that hark back to an era gone by. The layout should be outlined in a way that is both informative as well as nostalgic. 

The new forms of commercials definitely work. That is why it is a billion-dollar industry. But people are bombarded with an advertisement that they don’t want to see. They sense they are used as pawns. Therefore various ad-blockers app has made into the market. So, as a collective, the media should act smarter. They should progress with new ideas at the same time exercise the old proven techniques. There is a charm in the bygone era. It appears to be the golden age. And the advertisement agencies should learn to cash in this particular emotion.

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