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A Home is Not Home Without Curtains!


In the early 19th century the curtains popped up. The directories style, the Empire style in France and the Regency style in England drew motifs from the existing ancient works. Especially, they were taken from the Greeks and Egyptians. It was a period of growing romanticism which led to other new fashions. These were inspired by styles as geographically remote as those of India and the Orient or as remote in time as the Gothic. Curtains & drapes have been a key part. During this time there were tops of single windows ornamented by carved birds or bunch of grapes. They held up the drapery flawlessly. The bay of full-length windows was spanned by a taut valance. The valance was a decorative framework that concealed curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing separate curtains falling to the floor. People had different choices but the plain, light-colored silks were preferred by many. This fabric & style was of the elites. Also, they could be hung to good effect in swags and loops.

The life history of the curtains and drapes was being updated every now and then. After a short time, the Victorian age came up. The eclecticism was carried out then and curtains drapes design was taken to an extreme level. The doors and windows were heavily filtered by the portieres and drapes. These things further confined the already crowded rooms, busy with the floral and scroll patterns on the walls, carpets, and upholstery. The birth of mechanical systems for drawing and closing custom curtains simplified their installation and use even further.

The major 20th-century innovation turned everything upright. The in curtain fabric was the use of synthetics such as fiberglass as insulating properties were preferred by people. Polyester became the king fabric due to its washability. The twentieth century can be said as the peak time for curtains drapes. The changes that took place during this time period were carried on and we see them even today. The new updates will keep on coming but the base is going to remain the same. From the past times up till now, everybody accepts the importance and usefulness of the curtains. The custom curtains can be set as one of the best innovations of humanity. However, these days they don't get much of our attention because the modern day busy lives have made us totally different. Everybody pretty much knows their need and you will find them in each and every house.


Today as any decorator will tell you, curtains make a room. The only point of the difference is that whether if they are chosen correctly or not. This one line makes all the difference as it can rock otherwise, ruin the appearance of your room. As such, there is no guide available in the market which can tell you what curtain to choose? But there are interior decorators explaining these things to you in the best way. Also, you can purchase these curtains online. The stores like Spiffy Spools sell the best curtains and are always available to discuss it with you. Play it smart and get your new curtains from here.

Curtains drapes are not just a flat piece of cloth but have been given some magical powers by the curtain makers. The power is enough to make your room look beautiful. It’s not the beauty that is big but purposeful. They look elegant when hung from a specific length. They complete the space to save it. Yes, they save it from the unwanted eyes, dust and a lot of other things. The custom curtains serve as an affordable measure to keep the unwanted away. There is no substitute for them and they really want for every home.

There are so many things a person goes to beautify his or her house. Interior decoration has become vital these days. Modern humans need beautiful things near them. It’s their inborn nature. Therefore, they use it for curtains and drapes. When it comes to window treatments, it is always about color, fabric, length and lining, and custom-made versus off-the-shelf. There are so many decision to take and this is the reason why choosing the right curtains becomes a tough task. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, but selecting the right curtains for your home is a big challenge.


There are all types of persons available in the market. They are of various style, type, and size. Still, even after so much variety, there is a shortage. At that time, the custom curtains work for you. There are some rules before you go ahead with these kinds of curtains. If you're getting the custom curtains made. There should be no errors because a wrong measurement can turn the table. And make it even more problematic for you. Therefore, before you take out the tape to measure, first of all, decide how high above the window/door you'd like the curtains drapes to begin.

"Hanging panels higher than the window give an apparent height to the room". Designers often hang curtains about six inches above the window frame for that look and feel. If you want more drama then for a dramatic look, some go even higher. Take your time and find out what your room or space needs. If already your ceiling is high above then you need no extra length and things will be just right. If you are thinking to purchase the drapes then come to Spiffy Spools. Here you will get a wide range of curtains to choose from. All the new designs and patterns are available here as they are the experts in draping.

You can become your very own interior designer by learning some of the tricks and tips. When it comes to curtains drapes you don't need to be a professional. The beginners level will work all you need to have is creativity and a sense of making the right decision. There is nothing better than custom curtains follow some great point and make things perfect.

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