A lawyer will help you with Hotel Property Damage insurance claims. Here is why


When you stay in a hotel, you expect to receive good treatment from the hotel staff. Similarly, you expect all the items you bring with you to be undamaged and that you can take these back with you in the condition you got. Say, for instance, you got certain items with you that you checked into the hotel's locker. Again, you expect these to be returned to you undamaged. However, if you find that these are damaged, you can claim insurance and compensation from the hotel. If you found out that your property has been damaged, hire a Hotel Property Damage insurance claims lawyer from Louis Law Group, to help you understand your rights and evaluate the value of compensation that you can get. Your lawyer will always uphold your rights, and here are some of the reasons why you should hire a lawyer before filing the claims:

  • Understanding maximum liability

Sometimes guests feel that they are liable to claim the maximum property damage compensation from the hotel, especially if the item is sentimental to them. Say, for instance, you have booked rooms in the hotel to hold a party, and you have sent over certain things that have sentimental value to you to be placed in the hotel as a part of the decoration. If the items get damaged during the party or while being put up as a decoration, you can claim insurance, but it depends on whether you have adequate documents with the hotel regarding such claims. The hotel will have signed documents with you when you book the party hall, and there might be clauses where they do not have any responsibility if any property you bring over gets damaged. Then you cannot claim insurance. However, you must get all of these documents evaluated by your lawyer before filing for insurance claims. Often, clauses can provide you with relief and get specific compensation, if not a maximum liability. Thus, your lawyer will help you understand maximum liability and ensure that your rights are upheld. Hotel property damage insurance can prove to be quite complex as you will need to prove definitive liability to get the maximum compensation. Therefore, you need the help of your lawyer to simplify the process.

  • Insurance claim for using the utilities provided by the hotel

Guests staying in a hotel are expected to use the utilities in the hotel, such as the washing machines, coffee machines, dryers and other similar equipment. These are the items that often cause maximum damage to the property brought by the guests. Say, for instance, you have given clothes to the hotel staff to be washed, and these have been returned to you wholly damaged. This can be due to your hotel staff's negligence or the malfunctioning of the washing machines. Similarly, if the coffee machine in your room has malfunctioned and resulted in an injury, you can claim insurance coverage. But you cannot cover both of these under the same insurance. The former will be considered a property damage insurance claim, while the latter will be a personal injury insurance claim. But if the malfunctioning coffee machine has damaged any personal property of yours, then you will claim a property damage insurance claim. To understand the difference between the type of insurance claims that you can make, you will need to hire a Hotel Property Damage insurance claims lawyer. He will help you evaluate the loss you have suffered and understand the claims you can make based on it. After that, you can file for insurance claims.

  • Property damage due to negligence

Sometimes guests suffer property damage due to negligence of the hotel staff and lack of maintenance. For example, if your property gets damaged due to mold infestation or other similar reasons, you can ask for insurance coverage. First, however, you will have to evaluate whether the hotel is responsible for these damages. Your lawyer can help you with the insurance claims in the following manner:

  • As a guest, you can ask for insurance claims if you have suffered property damage due to a power outage, equipment failure, disaster or accident. For example, suppose you have checked into a hotel and have suddenly faced a situation like water leakage due to a natural disaster that has led to property damage. In that case, you can claim insurance coverage.
  • If you face property damage due to a lack of maintenance of the hotel premises, you can also seek insurance claims.
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    But for that, you need to consult your lawyer regarding the compensation and coverage you can pursue. The first thing that you need to discuss with your lawyer is the establishment of liability. Your lawyer can guide you with the gathering of evidence to help you establish liability. After that, you can file for insurance claims.
  • If your hotel loses any of your equipment or property, you can also choose to file an insurance claim. But for that, you will need adequate documents proving that the products were with the hotel management and the hotel promised to keep the products safe. Without sufficient documents filing for insurance claims will be difficult.

Your lawyer will help you file for insurance claims and help simplify the entire process. The primary objective of your lawyer will be to ensure that your rights are upheld and that you receive the maximum coverage. When you hire a Hotel Property Damage insurance claims lawyer,he will evaluate your case and guide you regarding the compensation you can seek and how you can establish liability. When you can pursue insurance claims, negotiating with the insurance company's representatives is an essential part of the entire process. Your lawyer will do this on your behalf, and you will find this makes the whole process less stressful. The insurance company representatives will always look to their company's benefits, and hence, you need your lawyer to ensure that your rights are upheld. Therefore, hiring a lawyer to support you throughout the process will make the claims process more straightforward, less stressful, and faster.

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