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A Look at the Best Advantages of Beer Canning – and Why You Should Do It Too

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day of work, cracking open that can of beer, and taking the first sip of that cold, refreshing brew. Most everyone has more than a few cans of beer at home, and canned beverages such as beer are more accessible to many. Beer canning has been around for decades, and beer cans are the way to go when it comes to portability, cost, and even taste. And for those of you who have a beer brewing enterprise or are planning to launch their own beer brewing business, beer canning may be well worth the investment. Bottling your beer may have its merits, but if you weigh the two, beer canning actually comes out on top. So what makes beer canning advantageous for your business, and how can you make full use of it? Here’s a look at the best advantages of beer canning – and why you should do it, too.

  • It is a much easier process, especially today

Beer canning has definitely been used for a long time, but did you know that you can now can your beer in the comfort of your own home? You can easily do this with mobile or portable canning machinery, and there are different sizes and varieties available as well. A typical can seamer is easy to operate, and it can definitely enhance your process of beer production and allow you to produce more beer in a shorter span of time. If you are running a small craft beer business, a smaller-sized beer can seamer is your best bet, but if your business is booming and you want to increase your production, then you can definitely go for a seamer with more capacity.

  • It results in a better taste and longevity for your product

Some people believe that canned beer doesn’t taste as good as bottled beer, but this is where they are wrong. This is an altogether mistaken assumption because canned beer is actually better in flavour and taste than bottled beer. One reason for this is that a beer can has a tighter seal compared to a beer bottle, and since light doesn’t penetrate through a can, this results in a much better taste and flavour as well. Light can undoubtedly affect the flavour of a beer product, and this is why most beer bottles have a dark green or brown colour. If a beer bottle is exposed to the sun, the sunlight can break down the molecules of the hops, and this creates a chemical process and reaction that produces sulphur in the beer.

  • It can result in better economic savings for your business

If you are already bottling your beer and are thinking of switching to canning, you can enhance your savings as well. The long-term financial benefits can be quite attractive when it comes to beer canning because when you ship your beer in cans, the cans weigh as much as a third less than if you were to ship beer bottles. Additionally, you should be able to ship and transport more cans – as much as 2000 beer cans can easily fit into a standard shipping container, whilst a mere 1350 beer bottles can fit in one standard container.

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