A Mornington Peninsula Accountants Views On How to


Save On Tax

We cannot ignore that; it is a complicated area when it comes to paying tax. The small businesses become the major sufferers. Thus, in this high time, it makes sense to work with a reputed Mornington peninsula accountant. 

They will guide you with the dos and don'ts and will find you ways to save money on tax bills. Among all the steps for saving on tax, we have prepared some of the best ways to save on tax. They are as follows:

Spend more time on other significant business matters:

Most of the small businessmen and women try to manage the bookkeeping and VAT returns on their own. Although it is a good initiative, it is only effective when one is best at it. Thus, it is better to let the Mornington peninsula accountants look after these things. 

In this way, you can focus on other crucial matters peacefully to maintain the smooth running of your business. Indeed, you need to pay some fees, but you can be sure that your accountants will find ways so that you can save money. 

The main reason for the failure of small businesses is that the owners take on too many responsibilities. To get a thorough knowledge of accounting services, and to hire an expert team, get in touch with https://novaaccountants.com.au/mornington-peninsula/

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Understand your business field:

As people try to do everything themselves, the business encounters a failure. Try to learn from the mistakes of others who suffered from the same problem that you face daily, and seek help from them. For this, you need to communicate with people. 

Get yourself involved in your suitable association or trade body, take part in their events, and follow-up on the newsletters. Try to figure out whether you can work from home or not. 

Mornington peninsula accountants will help to save tax for the self-employed people who work from home. Self-employed businessmen can claim proportions of certain things like council tax, insurance, mortgage, maintenance, and repairs for saving tax.

Communicate with your accountants:

An accountant's job is to stay beside you, help you and advise you. Thus, it is necessary to trust them as they are someone who can save you tax. It is something similar to having an extra employee, who does the little jobs for you. 

The tax-free benefits are available that can save tax both for you and your employees. Several schemes are available too, that can save tax on vehicles. It reduces pollution and also offers health benefits.

Look for personal allowances and get yourself paid:

Look for the personal allowances, if any. They offer tax-free income up to a certain limit. The first step is to look at your family situation. Make sure that your family members can carry out certain duties of your business. 

This will help you determine whether it is viable to make use of the personal allowances of family members. The amount of money you invest in yourself will affect the tax you pay. 

Thus, you also need to consider the benefits. Like, the company cars are beneficial, but you need to inform the higher authority. If failed, it can result in an unwanted large tax bill.

Understand VAT and get organized:

If you are not aware of the concept of VAT, you may find yourself in a minefield. It is necessary to make sure that you are paying the appropriate amount. If the schemes are utilized properly in the right businesses, it can help you to bring more profit. 

Do not choose the rate just by looking at your competitors or friends. Those rates do not need to work fine for you. Therefore, select a rate based on your industry. You need to have copies of everything that you are promised. 

Not keeping proper records may lead to disqualification of the expense claim or others. There are several smartphone applications available that can easily keep the records in it just by doing a quick scan.


Before commencing with the above-mentioned steps to save tax, you need to have a good and trustworthy working team. Make sure that you have an approachable and responsible Mornington peninsula accountant beside you, as they will be the ones to provide you financial advice. If you find any of these people to be irresponsible, you need to change them.