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A Quick ANAGRAM GUIDE for all - Decipher the genius in you

You take a phrase, reorder it, and you have an anagram. You can make lots of anagrams by messing up letters and forming different words or short phrases with the same letters.

What is the meaning of the Anagram?

From the Greek "Ana" means backward movement forward and downward and upward and "Gramma" means Letter. It is about transposing letters to form different phrases or words, that is to say, of a word or short phrase we can obtain many others without need that these have relation between themselves, using exactly the same initial letters. The initial word of the anagram is known as subject, and the objective is that the people who make them, can derive other words that have meaning, however, it can be said that this has great success if the word derived from the subject is related to it.

Throughout history, Hebrews and Jews used them to hide messages and secret scriptures through the Kabbalah. Since the genius of the same many philosophers, writers and poets of antiquity were discovered, they hid their real names behind pseudonyms made under an anagram of their original names, and today it is still part of our daily lives but more like a hobby.

There are two types: letters and words. The most common and is the one that we almost always run into in board games are the anagrams of letters, where you place the disordered letters and you must find the right one, but your brain is so powerful that it can form many words from it, which adds difficulty to the game. The word game is a bit more complex, it's about deriving words from other words, but its utilities can be wider than the previous ones.

What is its usefulness? Riddles, games, crosswords, names, poems, songs, endless utilities we could find in them. Not only can derive words be one of the utilities, you can also use it as a tool to create, for example, if you want to place a name either an object or a living being, there is the anagram of name, which you can use by placing the letters you want it to carry and stir them until you get a result you like. On the other hand, to create crossword puzzles, word searches and all those hobbies that serve to entertain us you can use anagrams to derive the words that will be confirmed.

"Anagram Solver"

The Solver Anagram is a database that groups thousands of anagrams and helps you to decipher them, groups thousands of possibilities of words from which others can be derived as anagrams. In fact, there is a tool of this name "Instawordz Anagram Solver" that serves as a guide to decipher questionnaires and crossword puzzles that are made with anagrams, grouping such a quantity of letters that little by little you will become agile with the solution of each one of them, and it will be easier for you to discover them.


You can form and deform words with the help of an Anagramator. It is a tool that assists you to derive endless anagrams from a word, surely you must be curious how to form so many words from a single, it is very easy. An Anagramator is an instrument that contains all kinds of stored words (proper names, movies, phrases, among others) and you can go forming different words with the help of it.

Anagram generators

The anagram generator works by placing only the letters with which you want to form words. All you have to do is enter the letters in it and you'll get derived words without having to have a source word - with this tool you could cheat Scrabble!

Difference between "Anagram Solver, Anagrammer and Anagram Generator".

The difference between these three types of tools for finding and deciphering anagrams is that an "Anagram Solver" is aimed at deciphering the anagrams, that is, from the back to the front, since when introducing the word he will tell you what is his "subject" or origin of anagram.

The Anagrammer is a tool that will help you to create the anagram, you introduce the word "subject" and he will give you the amount of anagrams that derive from it. And finally, the anagram generator is a tool where you place the letters and derive words from it, generating more than one anagram, since there would not exist a subject word but simply it would be a coincidence in the letters that conform it.

Anagramated Words

Hobbies such as crossword puzzles, alphabet soup, cartograms, help us to use our knowledge, expand and develop them, we can discover words that we did not know thanks to them, and with the solution of anagrams you get to know many words from a single.

It's great to exercise the brain, and anagram words is one way to do it, from short phrases or words and accompanied by a riddle, we challenge you to decipher the word anagram. It is simple, you only have to concentrate and surely you will give solution, we give you an example of it: "if you don't like them, don't let them take you unawares" Anagram Word: OPRESSOR. (SURPRISE).

What makes it interesting is that you can join riddles, riddles with anagrams, which will only be a clue to solve it and although this was very easy can be made more complex to get your brain running.

Examples of Anagrams:

We find that there are millions of anagrams, if so far you have not imagined any we can give you some examples. Let's start with short words like LOVE- ROME, CAT-GOTA, but there can also be anagrams of short phrases like "FAST TEST"- SPORTS, and as it an endless number of things that you can achieve and discover by rearranging letters.

Even if we don't notice it, we stumble with anagrams in many aspects of our lives, even in movies, books, series and games there are intentional anagrams to give it a mysterious touch.  An example of this is the famous Harry Potter saga and its villain Lord Voldemort.

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