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A quick glance on thrilling beauty of Dubai

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Unlock the magic of Arabian culture with adrenaline sand dunes with an illuminating look at Bedouin culture on an exhilarating desert safari. Dubai has immense opportunity for the voyagers. If oasis of unending deserts magnifies you, Dubai has immense potential for you. Gear up the wheels of your imagination as we are flying to middle-east.

There are a lot of tourist places in Dubai. It is known as commercial hub of middle-east. The high rising skyscrapers, adventurous desert safari, the Palm island, witnessing their culture at night in the middle of a desert or go for sailing on a cruise in Persian Gulf Dubai has a huge bundle to fascinate you. Here, we will discuss about the tourist spots to visit in Dubai.

Burj khalifa: Dubai’s landmark building is Burj Khalifa. Touching the clouds at 829.8 meters, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on earth. From the top, it will give you the magnificent skyline view of the city. Night time is the best time to look around the lighting of city’s panorama standing atop of Burk Khalifa.

Dubai mall: When it comes to the term of mall, we expect shining showrooms and eateries, gaming zone, cinema, multiplex etc. along with all these amenities, Dubai mall also provides you ice skating ring, live music concerts, fashion shows. It is also gives you the entry to Burj Khalifa and Dubai aquarium.

Bastakia: If bygone history fascinates you and you are more interested in excavating the prehistoric sites, this place is for you. Built in 19th century, Bastakia was a home to rich and wealthy merchants of middle-east who used to deal of pearls and textiles. It portrays the brilliant architecture of Dubai. Here, you will find Majlis gallery with its collection of traditional Arab ceramic and furniture.

Desert safari: This is one of the most tremendous experiences one can have during their stay in Dubai. The electrifying part of the tour is where the heart beats at new pace, hypnotize people of all age. The ups and downs of the dunes create a mixed feeling of fear and fun. You just can’t afford to miss desert safari, if you are planning to visit Dubai.

Baduine culture: Dubai travel diary is incomplete without the flavor of Baduine culture. After the hectic 6/7 hours desert safari, you will be charmed by the authentic Baduine culture and belle dance. Sitting in a traditional cushion you can live one of your dreams where you will be enthralled by the dance movement by the dancers.

Dubai has enormous list of tourist attractions.  If you are living outside UAE, you might need tourist visa permit to visit Dubai. Every country has their own rules and regulations on visa issuance and Dubai is no exception. If you are not aware much about the visa procedures you must first consult to Dubai Visa Consultant in Delhi. There Dubai Tourist Visa Agent will help you to get your visa on time and you are ready to take your voyage.

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