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A Quick Insight On Commercial Powder Coating

The commercial powder coating is used for a variety of products including automobiles, appliances, outdoor products, and general items. This type of coatings is also used for products used in Construction and Architecture domain. The versatility of the coatings has increased the popularity of in various industries. Effective in all kinds of weather, maintaining the quality respective to the uses as it results to high quality.


What Is Commercial Powder Coating?


Commercial Powder Coating is an industrial procedure that uses a dry coating to coat metal surfaces. Electrostatically, powder coating is applied as a dry powder and then treated with heat. Functionality and overall appearance are both focused on its high-quality finishes.


In addition to being durable, the powder coating finishes are also versatile. A variety of surfaces can be used with this product. Both indoor and outdoor uses are possible, and it’s one of the most cost-effective solutions available.


Types Of Powder Coating 


Thermoplastics and thermosets are the two forms of Commercial powder coatings. As soon as they are heated, thermoplastic powder coatings become liquid and extremely soft. As a result, chemical bonds are no longer formed. As the powder coating can be removed and reapplied, it can be used again.


The thickness and durability of thermoplastic coatings tend to be higher than thermoset coatings. Since thermoplastic coatings are so versatile, they can be used for everything from metal to auto parts to refrigerators and more. It’s impossible to recycle thermoset powder, on the other hand. The linkages prevent it from melting away in high heat zones. Thermoplastic coatings are substantially more expensive than this type.




Preparation is the first and possibly most critical part of the procedure for commercial powder coating. This process influences how effectively the powder coating sticks to the metal surface. A degreaser and/or phosphate rinse is used followed by a short water rinse for the best results. A spray cannon is used to apply the powder and curing begins immediately afterward.


Key Details


This type of commercial powder coating is based on a polymer resin that is blended with pigments and curing chemicals as well as flow modifiers and leveling agents. Melted as well as mixed, then cooled and crushed into a fine powder, all the materials are used. In addition, preheating and cooling assist in having a durable finish.


As opposed to solvent-based paint, the powder coating technique reduces over spray wastage. An electric charge is required for powder coatings to work, whereas paint requires an adhesive.

During the execution process, an electrostatic paint sprayer is used. An electrostatic charge gives the powder a positive electric charge and propels it toward the components. After curing, chemical linkages form, which reinforces the powder coating.


A commercial powder coating’s greatest advantage is that, once it is set, extra layers can be added if necessary. Longevity and protection are enhanced by thicker coatings. As the corrosive elements, such as chemicals and water, are repellent, powder coatings are best-suited for metal. 


Is The Powder Coating Durable?


Commercial powder coating is resistant to scratches and abrasions despite exposure to extreme weather and physical contact.


Powder Coatings Also Have Other Benefits


For metal fabrication, commercial powder coating offers several advantages. You may wish to examine these other strong qualities when picking a finish in addition to the legendary durability of the material.


Reusable and recyclable, this is an environmentally responsible solution. Because thermoplastics can be reformed so easily, they are often preferred over thermosets. Like paint, the powder is utilized precisely, resulting in very little wastage.


The fact that they don’t require solvents is a huge bonus. Volatile organic chemicals that may harm the environment are not released during powder coating. While protective clothing is still recommended, it poses less of a health risk than other finishes.

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