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A Revolutionary Kitchen With Bora

Do you dream of a kitchen which is a blend of classic touch,  style, and functionality? Try it out with BORA! The revolutionary BORA cooktops designed with an integrated cooktop extractor solves a huge issue - they make a way in place of bulky extractor hoods.

While designing kitchens, you need to keep in mind the available space, all the appliances, functionality and yet make it look trendy. This is applicable to the storage space and also to your cooktop and extractor. With BORA’s powerful cooktop extractor, you can do away the huge and visually-disruptive extractor hood and make almost up to 30 per cent extra storage space.  If you are worried about the vapours and odours of your cooking, don’t fret! The suction of BORA sends it back to where it arises. The vapours are removed directly from the pots, frying pans or your grills by applying some smart physics.

BORA kitchen appliances are known for their best-in-class and top quality standards and their after-sale service. Having won various awards and acclaims, Bora has reached the top and has got recognised for their revolutionary ideas in the kitchen appliances. The products are manufactured in Germany and Austria were they use high-quality materials like stainless steel and glasses, and ensure not to use substances that could be harmful to our environment.

Advantages of Using BORA Kitchen Appliances:

  • Fresh air while cooking – all odor and vapors are extracted
  • The appliances aren’t noisy – yes, they work quietly – considerably more silent than usual extractor hoods
  • Easy to clean - cleaning these appliances is very simple and not at all complex
  • Focus on effectiveness and efficiency – you get luxury kitchen appliances in a budget
  • Top-quality materials are used – you get high functionality along with long service life
  • Innovative designs – BORA sets top standards for luxury kitchen appliances
  • Clear view – no bothersome head-height extractor hoods

The Principle of BORA

BORA kitchen appliances seizes the rising vapours and all the grease along with cooking odour before it can escape. And it captures it directly at the cooktop, straight from the roaster, pot, frying pan or your grill. Do you think it’s magic? No, it is simple applied physics where the basic principle of fluid dynamics has been used. It merely utilises a cross flow, which is larger than the growing speed of the cooking vapour.

The Product Range

BORA Basic  

BORA is the only luxury kitchen appliances brand, which combines what is meant to be together – the cooktop and the extractor. These two are blended in a stylish, compact and yet efficient unit. BORA Basics brings you appliances with central touch control and easy installation process.

BORA Professional

If you think you need high-class kitchen appliances in London, go in for BORA Professional. If you are a culinary professional and if only exclusive gives you the satisfaction, BORA Professional offers you the hand-picked cooktops, designed with innovation, offering impeccable flexibility and stainless steel rotary knobs.

BORA Classic

This range offers ergonomic and efficient kitchen appliances in London, which are an amalgamation of stylish design and efficiency features and has been acclaimed with the red dot product design award. So if you have culinary dreams and fantasies but have a smaller kitchen, opt this range which has small installation dimensions along with smart touch control.

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