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A Revolutionary Radiology Workflow

Picture Archiving and Communications Systems have replaced x-rays with digital images that have become an important step in the world of radiology. Most radiologists know that when images aren't readily available to physicians, they can slow down the decision-making process when it comes to patient care. This happens when the image is only made available at one place at a time. A perfect pacs system can eliminate these problems associated with developing digital images.

Novarad made these systems to improve the efficiency and speed of transferring these images. Their technology allows healthcare practitioners to navigate between studies with a few clicks of their mouse. As medical imaging improves, Novarad founded the technology and business model which provides digital radiology storage to all healthcare facilities. The company is now focused on improving this technology as well as the radiology workflow.

This workflow infrastructure has been redesigned and redeveloped with the use of administrators, radiology directors, and technicians. It comes as a scalable solution that can be used in most healthcare facilities, hospital environments, and imaging centers.

The great thing about Novarad's system is that it's user-configurable and customer requested. Not only is the system easy to access, but it's also easy to use. Patient images can be accessed from any computer at any healthcare facility or at a physician's office. This system allows radiologists to view studies at several of Novarad's facilities, improving radiology workflow and reducing turnaround time for report taking and decision-making. It has become one of the most important technologies for improving radiology workflow.

There are so many benefits associated with this system. Most of these benefits benefit patients while others benefit healthcare practitioners. Some of the following benefits are one of the reasons why Novarad has received awards and high praise for its client and enterprise solutions.


Novarad offers a cloud-based solution that transports time-sensitive medical images to nurses, physicians, and other healthcare providers. It comes in a wide variety of operating models that provide both off-site and on-site storage models. Novarad's customers use a hybrid approach that combines cloud storage, hosted storage, and on-site storage.

This storage is the best option when it comes to data storage. It eliminates the need for hiring a full security team. As your business grows, Novarad can scale to meet your customer's needs without limiting your storage capacity.


Novarad's engineers have added over 100 customer-requested to this product in the past year. Their systems are based on the belief that the product should fit the revolutionary workflow system, not the workflow system fit the product. Novarad's engineers work around the clock to improve the system.

Disaster Recovery

Novarad was also the first company to develop a system that includes copies of their images from up to seven years. These images are provided online and onsite with real-time copies sent to the cloud. This integration ensures efficiency throughout enterprises. This allows businesses to submit images securely and easily.

Product Improvement

Novarad is always working on improving the quality of their products. They want their hardware and software products to meet the needs of patients and keep up with the latest technological advancements. They spent over 74,000 meeting 100 customer requests by developing new features. The Radius Menu was redeveloped to include hundreds of features accessed with a click of a mouse. This makes it easier for healthcare practitioners to access the information they need.

Evergreen Product Program

They want to provide their customers with the latest developments in technology. Their Evergreen Product Program includes improved features, new software, and the latest upgrades. This is available to customers at no additional cost, as long as they remain on the contract.

Customer Support

They understand that their customers' time is valuable. Over 99% of customer requests are answered within five minutes. They also resolve customer issues via e-mail, phone, social media, or Web. Customers can access their tech support any time of the day and week, just as long as they're on the contract.

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