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A Significant Step To Fundraise Using Donation Management Software


Charitable organizations and not-for-profits normally get their funding in a few different ways. One option for getting funding is to apply for and receive grants. Grants can come from the government or private enterprises and can provide operating capital, normally to accomplish specific goals. Another option is to raise funds from donors who believe in the cause that desired charity or nonprofit was established for. For many nonprofits and charitable organizations, a combination of both grants and donations is necessary for survival.

Why This Is So Important!

If you are a manager of a charity or otherwise part of a charitable organization or not-for-profit, you know that fundraising can be a challenging and time-consuming process, although it is an essential one. A respective person may have a list of donors already or maybe just starting out in finding supporters for cause, but no matter the specifics of an opting situation; you need to devote time to fundraising if you want to keep your doors open.

Today, however, you may not have to devote quite as much time to the logistics of fundraising as you did in the past. This is because donor management software is available that can make the fundraising efforts of charitable organizations a lot easier. In addition to these essential features that every Non-Profit CRM organization needs, there are also added features available on donation management software.

Features in Donor Engine!

Flexible Dashboards

Multi-access dashboard look is important if it is clumsy you can get the actual information.  With this feature, we can easily fetch the data.  When you get all your important data at one page makes the view better.

Donations and Purchases

The wide acceptance of mode of regular or recurring donations through cheque, cash, EFT, credit makes the dona-tors easy while giving a contribution.

Automation & Workflow Save

This kind of donor engines saves hundreds of hours by automatically generating a printed and electronic statement by means of customs policy.

Donor Database

Complete information of the whole database of Charity Software is an essential thing to get quick access 360-degree view of any donor, organization or individual connected to you is the expected feature from many donors.

The kind of features will user expect

Features that allow you to keep track of contact information

This would include contact information for both existing and potential donors. Having the names and contact info of all donors readily accessible is absolutely essential and donation management software will give you a better way to organize all of this contact info.

A method of tracking gifts that are received from donors

When you receive a donation or gift, you will need to make sure that you understand where it came from. This is essential for budgeting, for properly thanking the donor and making him/her feel appreciated, and for getting a better idea of where the money is coming from. Good donation management software places a strong focus on gift tracking.

A method of tracking money pledged for donation

When someone promises to give, you need to know this and be able to follow up- especially if they don’t send the money as promised or if you don’t collect right away. Donation management software makes collecting money pledged easier than ever.