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A Simple Guide for Business Analytics Enthusiasts

2021 will most likely be the year of business analytics. After the pandemic forced unexpected detours in the ways of conducting commerce, a major revamp became essential. The home-stuck population was in need of products and services at their doorstep and without the power of analytics, businesses were proven to be inadequate for serving the needs. Additionally, the major world economies experienced the greatest fall in decades and were forced to withdraw the overseas assets within the borders. This withdrawal of investments broke the backbone of many commercial entities.


The business analysis was effectively the last resort when it came to survival. What BA does has to do with the internal and external efficiency of a business or venture. A business analyst is expected to be a good manager with adeptness in statistics and data science. Someone willing to acquire these skills should find these lockdown times to be especially full of opportunity. Because it is very much possible to take up a business analytics course online and fulfill the dreams of becoming a bridge between IT and commerce. This article will shed light on the present situation and try to elaborate on how to exploit the opportunity on offer and become a business analyst.


Gaining the knowledge

When it comes to gaining knowledge, one must look for the best option on the internet. The pandemic has made meeting or visiting in person almost impossible. Hence it is important to browse as much as possible in order to get a general idea of what’s on offer. With greater knowledge of the industry, it is easy to differentiate between fraud and honesty. 


After sorting out the relatively reliable institutes it is important to investigate and study the reviews on their websites closely. Reviews being the most trusted and reliable source of first-hand knowledge they are the most ideal choice for tailoring. Dishonest institutes tend to buy reviews according to their liking in order to trick a potential student into investing hard-earned money. Thus, a careful investigation is recommended before investing any money.


Getting in touch with former students

Former students are arguably the most reliable source when it comes to the first-hand experience. The alumni know it all because they are through it all. Additionally, they are seniors in the scene and probably are professionals able to help a fresher finding a job. Hence, the time invested in talking to them is never a waste. 


It is wise to check the transparency of an institute during this phase as well. As the suspicious ones will not give away the contact details of the alumni easily. Only the honest and bold institutes that have nothing to hide will willingly flaunt the details of former students in order to guide a potential student.


These institutes will most likely provide the professional standings of their former students as well. Professional standing is a testimony of the good efforts on the institute’s behalf in order to transform a student into a professional. 


Getting in touch with the faculty

The teachers work in the front lines of the education industry and the courses on offer largely depend on them. The teachers determine how to prepare a student for the upcoming professional ordeals. It is wise to study the faculty profiles before getting in touch with the teachers. As no one likes a student without background knowledge and it makes it easy to talk and decide on a topic with some knowledge of the teacher’s personal interests in the field. An institute not willing to share the faculty details must be avoided at all costs.


Getting hands-on training

The role of a business analyst is of utmost importance because of the array of responsibilities they have to perform. Thus, companies tend to avoid hiring freshers for the job and prefer experienced candidates. In order to land good employment, it is recommended to go through a hands-on training program. Which allows learning while working. This way of learning paves the path for more experience. Additionally, working before becoming a job seeker increases the strength of the network which only adds to the advantages of a student.


In the case of Indian students, it is highly recommended to relocate to a city like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, or Mumbai in order to keep in touch with the major commercial activities. Additionally, these cities will definitely house a community of analysts living there for generations which might add to the learning opportunity of a student. 

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