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A simple guide on how to roll a joint


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Are you struggling with making the joint? Quite possible, if for you it is the early days attempting to smoke weed. The internet is booming with guides and information on how to roll the joint accurately. However, that information can at times become overwhelming, especially when you have to deal with tons of guidelines and tutorial videos. That you have found us, we hope, the simple guide will make life easier for you to roll a joint. We believe soon you can roll it like a pro. So, without much ado, let us begin. By the way, if getting the best quality is concerning you, then do visit and you should never have to worry again.

Getting started by choosing the right rolling paper

As a newbie, things will appear complicated, but as we mentioned, after reading this guide, it should become a walk in the park for you. Your first criterion would be selecting the right paper for making the roll. Preferably, go for the thin rice or wheat straw paper, making sure they are available in the right sizes. Remember, you have to cut these papers conveniently, so size does matter.

The quality of papers is equally significant. Some papers are known to have a bad flavor and it would surely encroach the taste of smoking. Be on the safe side; get branded papers for the best results. It is also advisable getting a rolling paper protector if you plan to travel a lot.

Choosing the right bud is equally important

With tens and hundreds of strains choosing the right bud can be intimidating. Thankfully, your preference for a particular type of weed will make little difference to the way you roll the joint. Strain selection will ultimately make a difference to your smoking experience. Thus, it makes it all the more significant in ordering weeds from an authentic place. Later, you can explore the best variants of India, hybrid strains and Sativa.

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Time to make the filter tip

The filter tip is a portion of an index card and you require inserting it at the end of your roll. Filters are indispensable for several reasons. It will ensure the contents of the roll does not clog and resist the pieces of weed from falling out. Furthermore, for the best experience, you should insist on getting a filter. Here is how to make it.

After extracting a small strip from any card, make three folds. The aim is to create a pleat. Next, it's time to roll the remaining portion of the filter that is unfolded. Work with the folds until you manage to create a W-shaped figure.

Depending on the amount of smoke you are looking forward to intaking, decide on the width of the paper roach. As you can understand, the wider it is, you will get more smoke. On the contrary, be careful, if you prefer the thinner variants, as they can end up clogging.

At the present day, you have the convenience of buying readymade filter tips. However, the pros would be more inclined on making the filter tip themselves.

Rolling the joint

For the uninitiated, you can roll a joint in various manners. Here, we are mentioning about the basic roll joint which is also popularly known as the “freestyle roll”. For this, slit a piece of paper from your booklet and aim to fold it into two halves. Keep an eye on the side that has the glue, and it should be in the upward direction.

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Now, curl a corner from the bottom and keep it on the front side. You are almost done, drop the weed in the right proportion as per the length of the paper. After all, you will not appreciate it if it burns unevenly. Even if you are planning to get “high” do not put excess weed on it.

Else, you will have difficulties in closing the joints. Next, lift the paper and roll it from both inside and outside and give it a cylindrical shape. For the best results, put the filter before you make the roll. The filter should be downwards at the opposite end of the joint. You are almost ready now, as you tuck and roll the other half of the joint.

Use your tongue for licking the sticky strip and that should seal the joint permanently. Once more check the ends so that the weed inside does not fall out. Happy smoking.

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