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A successful business plan for entrepreneurs in Textile Industry!


Running a successful textile factor is not an easy business to choose, it takes efforts, hard work, capital investments, a huge place for factory and lots of employee hiring. Moreover, in order to stay in the competition, you need to make sure that your fabric quality is fair enough to compete in the market. Therefore, many giant textile firms invest as much in the industrial washing and laundry equipment as much as they invest in textile manufacturing machinery. Here the noticeable point is that SME’s and beginners can taste a sweep from the market because of limited capital since planting machines is an expensive task. 

So, what should an entrepreneur in the textile industry do?

If you want to stay in the market of Textile for a longer run, then you need to take some shifts in your business decisions. Here is how you can capitalize on the max level of production, sale, and promotion.

Sell your used washing machine: First thing first, initiate your plan by selling your used laundry equipment. Why?

  1. Accept it; it’s excessive machinery in your workplace that requires a set of labor, electricity and maintenance cost.
  2. If you sell your used machinery, then you can invest the gain from that into production.
  3. You have an alternative to hiring a laundry service agency that can provide you washing services easily at a much cheaper cost.
  4. Save your labor, save your electricity and cut some cost by selling your machine and hiring a laundry service company.

Re-Invest in your business:

  1. Re-invest in your manufacturing or production business by hiring employees, buying useful equipment or buying an updated model of production machinery.
  2. Save your time in the product finishing process.
  3. Increase your saving by saving the consumption of electricity and water

How to sell your used washing machine?

  • Before setting up the sale of your machine you need to make sure that it’s well maintained, in working condition and has been cleaned well. Collect all the receipts, documents of purchase and everything you have got at the time of purchase of this machine as buyers will look for complete documents and details of the machine.
  • It’s widely suggested to have the inspection report in hand of your machinery when you plan to sell it. It creates a strong impression on the buyer and shows the reliability of the machinery.
  • Choose the right platform to sell your machinery, there are a number of online B2B trading websites where you can find a number of local and international buyers that can quote a pretty competitive price on your machine. Other than that, check out a similar level of companies who are trying their luck in the textile business and wants to gain momentum. A used washing machine is always a catch for small companies. 

Once you get the right offer from the buyer, sell your machinery by taking precautionary paperwork to avoid any scam or fraud. Afterward, get in contract with the washings service agency on a monthly or quarterly basis of payments over the work done. This way you can both save money and time over your capital and you won’t have to compromise on the quality of the fabric.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Jamshed Tariq who is the Business Analyst as well as industrial writer at number one online B2B marketplace Machinesells.com

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