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A Unique Vitamin Diffuser Pen Launched By

(Auckland, 9th Feb 2020) Inhale Vitamins, a New Zealand based company, has launched a unique 100% Vitamin diffuser pen that carries Vitamin B12 in a variety of flavors for men and women. Inhale Vitamins created this alternative to smoking by taking the world on a journey of using Vitamin diffusers to inhale healthy concentrations of vitamins rather than the usual addition to food. Their product offers a better chance to absorb B12 vitamins that help in treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.

Inhale Vitamins intends to make the vitamin diffuser available with immediate effect. This is to enable customers to upgrade from the use of food supplements to breathing vitamin air. Users get a chance to intake B12 efficiently on a regular basis and at the same time feel relaxed and calm.


While speaking about the potential benefits of the diffusers, the CEO made it clear that "Inhale Vitamins give you the natural, vitamin-rich herbal alternative to smoking.” Speaking further, the CEO made it clear that Our blend of lavender, chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, jasmine, and other natural remedies uplift the mind and body giving the user a sense of relaxation, feeling fully grounded in the present with the benefit of mental clarity and physical rejuvenation.”

Several customers have already benefited immensely from using the Herbal Diffusers as a replacement for their usual smoking behavior. Its ability to provide vitamins with an improved bioavailability rate is something every customer will love to experience. It keeps the body rejuvenated while promoting relaxation and mental clarity. They have so far launched four flavors -


1.      Inhale Calm - Blueberry - Taste blueberry, feel pure calm. Infused with vitamin B12, Inhale Calm Blueberry balances the mind and body.


2.      Inhale Calm - Strawberry - Taste strawberry, feel stress-free. This fortifying blend of peppermint, passionflower, and more, acts as a natural stress reliever and mood enhancer.


3.      Inhale Energy - Peppermint - Be refreshed by peppermint, feel the energy. Ride this blend of natural energy-enhancing herbs, complemented with vitamin B12, a state of vitality.


4.      Vita Babe - Balance - Watermelon - Specially designed for Women. Taste watermelon, feel balanced. Vita Babe supports feminine energy, raises well-being, balance, and mood management. Added Vitamin B12 encourages liveliness and regulates bumpy emotions


The best route to fulfill vitamin-12 deficiency in the body is by inhaling it. The body absorbs it quickly and gives instant results.  This health-focused inhalation device is an incredible way to create a healthy habit that is wellness inspired. All blends come in natural flavors which promote positive behavioral shifts and improve one’s well being. Vitamin air has helped many to cut down on tobacco, nicotine, and various kinds of harmful chemicals that are found in other inhalation products.

Inhale Vitamins aims to become the world’s leader in the provision of healthy vitamins capable of keeping the body relaxed and rejuvenated with the right concentration of vitamins for a better life. The company has strived to ensure that its vitamin formulas stay intact when heated and do not produce anything harmful which impacts the lungs negatively. After extensive lab testing these products are made available to people for improving their mental and physical endurance. The organic and natural ingredients are eco-friendly and recyclable which are 100 % pure and boosts another kind of energy in the body to cope up with daily stress. It helps to transform the body and mind.

You can trust in nature’s ingredients with the added physical response sensation. Inhale Vitamin also suggests consulting your Doctor before giving it a try.


Vitamin diffuser pen is part of the Inhale vitamin's commitment to delivering the best products and updates that keep its customers engaged with the best ways to remain healthy by inhaling vitamin air. The product is available for immediate purchase at




For more information on the product please visit our website or contact our customer support here.





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