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A Valuable Guide to Finding the Best Shipping Rates

The rising scale of cross-boundary operations by various businesses has made the shipping industry as one of the hottest industries of the millennium. As a businessman, you need to find the best shipping rates that are both rewarding and competitive. In this article, we will dive into six steps that are involved in finding the best shipping rate.

Shipping Software

Over time the technology has progressed a lot, and we have seen a subtle shift in ways how the business, schedule their deliveries. Shipping software allows the exporters to combine their multiple orders from multiple selling channels into a single software. It enables you to view all the data in the centralized location, including the batch orders. It helps you to track numbers, ship status and helps you to determine the freight shipping rate. It acts as a freight shipping quote calculator. It is a robust solution technology that helps the businessman to calculate their freight accordingly.

Paid shipping software provides you with the lowest shipping rate that different provider offer. So, whether it is USPS or a flat shipping rate or anything else, the software can help you to compare and find the best prices.  The software can also help you to find the right service provider.

Compare with Different Players

Another way to get the best quote from the shipping provider is to talk to them personally. There are many shipping service providers that offer the lower rate and in exchange create exclusive contracts for them.  This is the best option if your business is growing at a rapid rate. If your business is still in a nascent stage and if you think that these deals are not meant for you, you can compare deals with different shipping companies. They will offer you exclusive discounts and package deals.

Rather than talking on the phone, it is better to deal with the provider personally, so that they can tell you about the whole shipping process. Some companies offer a flat shipping rate if you go to their location personally. There are certain shipping companies that ship your products only if you visit their store. Though it may appear time-consuming, it is the best way to find out international container shipping rate.

Flat Shipping Rate Calculator

Afreight shipping quote calculator lets you check and compare the rates through the ZIP code. There are several shipping provider websites that have calculator embedded within it. On these sites, you have to mention the ZIP code and it will provide you with the predetermined rate.

There are many sites that help you to compare the shipping rates of the company and it will provide you with the best deal. There are many low-cost shipping companies that offer competitive rates to survive the cut-throat competition. They can be more beneficial to you. You can even find the shipping service provider online.

Search for Someone that Offer Real-Time Rates

Another way to find the best shipping rates is to find a service provider who provides real-time carrier rates while shipping.  There are various platforms that provide live pricing rate of various service providers. This helps you to select the best service provider and pay the exact service that you wish.

Ask Your Shipper

The best way to find the international container shipping rate is to ask your service provider or your favorite company. There are different companies that offer customers with different services, deals, and promos which can lower down your cost. Bulk order with consistent work schedule can help you to fetch better shipping rates. With continuous volumes, the shipping company is able to provide discounts and deals, which will turn to be a win-win deal for you as well as the freight forwarding company


In the end, we would like to conclude that shipping is not a smooth process, as it may seem. It involves transitional hiccups that can be overcome if you consider the above-mentioned points.

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