AA Meeting Locator Is A Local Alcoholics Anonymous Directory


One major weakness of most alcohol addicts is that they are not able to resist the urge even when they know that consumption of the spirit is killing them. You do not plan to become an alcoholic but fall into the habit over a period of time after the first time you got intoxicated. A strange kind of helplessness and despondency takes over your mind and body, making you look around for clues to get a grip on yourself. Alcoholics Anonymous is a grouping of ex-alcoholics who have pledged to stay away from the spirit and do everything they can to help other alcoholics kick the habit. The return to sobriety begins with attending an AA meeting

Help an alcoholic find his way back to sobriety  

After your experience of getting into the right company of people at the AA meetings, it is now your responsibility to help other alcoholics find their way back to sobriety. They have families to take care of and responsibilities to handle. Their addiction has not just derailed their own lives but those of their dear ones as well. Many men, who become alcoholics, fall into the habit while trying to extol their masculinity by drinking more than they can handle. Howsoever tough one may think of himself, there is always one drink too many, on which his name is written – that is the threshold. 

Getting in touch with Alcoholics Anonymous 

It is unlikely that an alcoholic would try to get reformed all by himself, but there are some who still have a grip over their senses. If any of your alcoholic friends happen to ask you, “Can you please help me find an AA meeting near me?”, just help him find it as soon as you can. It normally takes an alcoholic to attend just one such meeting to start moving in the right direction. While it is true that the effect of alcohol on the central nervous system is very acute, the psychological impact is no less dangerous. If the psychological despondency can be dented early, the victim begins to feel confident.   


Trust the Almighty to guide you 

The guiding principle followed by Alcoholics Anonymous is trust and faith in God to show you the way. You make the effort, and God will show you the way. Depending on your personal belief system you may believe God as an other-worldly Being who is guiding all your good movements or you may believe Him to be within you, which just needs realization. You are part of a society where there are rules and norms that you need to follow. Alcoholism breaks that entire mental framework which helps you adjust to these social rules and norms resulting in your detachment from your family and your society.  

Alcoholism begins with causal drinking and then picks up pace when you start drinking more frequently. During this time you also tend to develop new friends if your old pals do not match your enthusiasm for alcohol. Your new friends’ circle of alcoholics slowly takes over your mind till the time your need for alcohol transcends your friends’ circle and takes you to another level, where you are all alone. It is difficult to return from that level of addiction but once you are with Alcoholics Anonymous, you stand the best chance to make it. 

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