Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Aadhar Card vs. E-Aadhar Card: Compare Benefits and Uses

India is moving towards a digital future and the same goes for everything else. One of the most significant changes that have been made to the working procedure of the Indian government is the digitization of documents.

In this too, Aadhar card application is the crucial document which has been digitized. Even though the establishment of Aadhar Card Scheme is not that old; many changes have integrated already.

If you too are wondering, what is the fundamental difference between a regular Aadhar Card and an e-Aadhar Card, here is an article that you should read. This post will also give you an idea of how both the documents can be used.

Regular Aadhar card

An Aadhar card is a unique identity document that has been given to every Indian. When it comes to a regular Aadhar card, it is usually in the shape of a standard business card. In other words, it is a small rectangular document that has all your valid credentials mentioned.

To register yourself for a standard Aadhar card, you can use two alternatives. One is by visiting the official UIDAI website and filling their online form. The second is visiting the local Aadhar center of your city and filling out a physical form. In the case of the second alternative, you would even be asked for your fingerprint and eye scan.

This form is later submitted to the official government department from where your Aadhaar card gets generated. Once successfully made you will receive the physical copy of an Aadhar card at your permanent address. Here is how you can use it along with the benefits of Aadhar card.

●As a physical identity document
●For shopping around things that require you to mention your identity like SIM cards
●For travelling purpose
●For physical verification

e-Aadhar Card

Now let us talk about a digital or e-Aadhar card. This is the exact document with the same credentials. However, it is in a virtual form so that it is easier for users to link it online. We understand that most services now have been shifted online, which is why filing their form virtually is a must. These application forms sometimes require you to link your documents along with them.

To link these documents, you first have to scan them and then transfer them to a pen drive so that they can be uploaded. This can be a lengthy process which wastes your precious time. Keeping this situation in mind, the government decided to create a virtual form of these critical documents.

These pre-scanned documents make for a natural uploading process which can be finished within a minute. This is why an e-Aadhar card came into existence. If you want to know about all the different ways you can go for this e Aadhar card check means to say you can use this digital Aadhar card, then here is a list. These can even be counted as e Aadhar benefits.

●As your virtual identity document
●For booking services especially those that are online
●For buying online products
●For booking online travel tickets, hotels, and transportation
●For filling online loan or finance applications
●For virtual verification or e Aadhar card check of any kind

The Bottom Line

We are sure that after going through this post, you must have understood that both the documents are the same. However, using the method can depend from person to person. Even though having a physical copy of your Aadhar card is a must, make sure you also carry a digital one. This will save you a lot of time in case of an emergency.

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