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About Rivolta Guitars

If you love guitars, you probably (or definitely) know about Dennis Fano. As the founder of Fano Guitars and the owner of Novo Guitars, Dennis always aspired to make instruments that are easy to use, even for beginners. Perhaps this was the reason he formed a partnership with Mike Robinson from Eastwood Guitars.

Place of Manufacture

All Rivolta Guitars originate in Korea. They are then tested for quality and configured before being shipped to the company’s warehouses in Liverpool, United Kingdom, and Nashville in the United States.

The Rivolta Roman Numeral System

The intention behind the Rivolta Roman Numeral System is to make every instrument easily identifiable. Below is a breakdown of what the numerals mean:

              X: Tremolo System

              V: Binding

              I: One pickup

              II: Two pickups

              III: Three pickups


When combined, these numerals form an instrument’s name.

Custom Orders

Currently, Rivolta doesn’t offer custom-made guitars. That said, the company sells a limited selection of knobs, hardware, and pickguards for some models. They also run exclusive dealer programmes for private dealers.

What About Casing?

When you purchase a new Rivolta guitar, you do not receive an appropriate case alongside. This is probably the company’s most significant downside. If you want extra protection for your instrument, you must contact your local dealer.

Are Left-handed Guitars Available?

Most models come with a left-handed option. However, these are only available in VIIII colour. However, the company is actively working on more colour options.

Artist Deals

Although the company offers artist deals, it doesn’t include free guitars. The amount you receive is based on a tier system, meaning the generation of exposure for the brand determines how you get paid.

Rivolta Guitar Models

Here are some of the leading models in the Rivolta range. 

              Rivolta Combinata XVII: Despite its slightly offset shape, this guitar is surprisingly comfortable. It also comes with Duesenberg Les Trem II. 

              Rivolta Rendata VII: Made for extreme comfort and easy playability, this guitar has a mahogany frame and a lightweight centre-block made of the same material and sandwiched between a pressed maple. This is the latest addition to the Rivolta range.

              Rivolta Mondata VIII: If you like versatility, the two-switch configuration in this guitar allows you to choose your preferred pickup.

              Rivolta Mondata XVIII: An expensive version of the Mondata VIII, this guitar has amped-up features. The design is better, too.

Who is Dennis Fano?

Dennis Fano has a reputation for constructing boutique guitars made of plexiglass and covered with aluminium. His career began at Matt Umano Guitars, where he was repairing and modifying bass guitars.

Fano Guitars are played and endorsed by several professional guitarists, such as Jared Scharff of Saturday Night Live, Walter Becker of Steely Dan, Scott Sharrard of Gregg Allman Band, and Eric Jason Brock of Three Across and The Eric Jason Brock Band. 

As of now, Fano operates his company out of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. The company majors in producing electric guitars.


Dennis Fano is among the best guitarists of all time, and undoubtedly so. After all, he makes some of the best guitars, and they are also easy to use. It’s not a coincidence that the best guitarists use this model.

Rivolta guitars live up to Fano’s reputation. They’re easy to use, stylish, and relatively inexpensive. What’s more, the industry’s best recognise and use them. There is also an array of picks available. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you won’t be disappointed by Rivolta guitars. Rivolta’s products are built to last, ensuring that you won’t need frequent repairs and replacements.  

They’re easy to use, stylish, and relatively inexpensive. What’s more, the industry’s best recognise and use them. There is also an array of picks available.

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