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Access control systems are the new-age security systems with computerized control


Securing access to the premises or building is one of the security measures that protect the property from unauthorized access. Known as access control, the system has evolved from the traditional deadbolt lock with matching brass key that used to be the gold standard and has transformed into electronic access systems that operate through a network system. The modern access system ensures better security management by monitoring the persons who pass through and even controlling their access by preventing people who do not have the necessary authorization. The modern access systems are computer-based that provide quick and uninterrupted access to only authorized persons while preventing others without the need for any human intervention.  Modern access control systems aid MA Security Guards in improving the standard of security management.

Segregating areas by restricting entry

Restricting entry to a building or specific area within a building is the primary purpose of installing access control systems that enhance the control on the entry and exit of people that leads to better security and safety of the premises. The aspect of restricting entry assumes immense importance of business organizations as it helps to minimize risks and create safer workspaces.

The access control system that you choose must function well as it is critical for daily operations. Commercial access control systems come in a wide range of products from the simplest to more complex varieties. Still, these have one thing in common: enhancing security by recognizing only authorized persons and allowing them to enter or exit the building or room or any other designated space.

Installing secure access systems makes it possible to segregate areas within a building into different zones based on the different levels of security.

Types of access control systems

There are three types of access control systems – Mandatory access controls Discretionary access control and Role-based access control.

Mandatory access control (MAC) –

Mandatory access control is applicable in organizations that emphasize on the classification of data and its confidentiality like military instructions. The management of the access control rests with the owner and custodian. It does not permit owners to have any say about the entities that can access a unit or facility. All end-users will be classified and provided with labels that allow them to access the entry and exit points according to the security guidelines.

Discretionary access control (DAC) –

In this type of access control system, deciding who should be allowed to enter a specific location, digitally or physically, rests on the business owner. Compared to the other system, DAC is the least restrictive as it allows the owner complete control over the device they own along with the programs associated with it. The drawback of the system is that the owner has absolute control of the security system that raises concern about malware attacks.

Role-based access control (RBAC) –

A system administrator drives the RBAC, which is the most sought-after access system that determines individuals' eligibility to gain access based on their role in the household or organization.

Also, there are some basic types like,




The security systems get a considerable boost by installing an access control system.

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