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Accessing Exchange Public Folders and Tasks on Android

Public Folders is a Microsoft Exchange feature which gives Outlook users to access common folders. By enabling users to share large volumes of data with all its employees, Public Folders has proved to be the ideal virtual workspace for large organizations.

With the advent of Android phones and devices coupled with their striking versatility and portability; It has become a regular practice that all your contacts, calendars, files, and folders could be shared in a snap with all your colleagues and superiors across various devices. This unique feature is stunning, as is achieved with just the flick of a finger.

With all the benefits Public Folders offers, sadly, it is not available on Android devices. This situation has led to the development of several applications that Android users could use to Sync Public Folder to Androids. Some of these applications include:

1.    Code2Exchange Sync

2.    Easy2Sync

3.    ExmixedFolder Sync

Code2Exchange Sync

Using this Exchange server application comes with numerous benefits that might interest you. Here are some privileges you will most certainly enjoy with the CodeTwo Exchange Folder;

• All your documents are encrypted before getting synced across devices. Encryption is necessary as the program bypasses active sync and sends your company's data via the web. With this amazing feature, you can be sure of a secure transfer.

• With this server application, you have the option of selecting the folders you prefer to share, and with whom. In other words, you are in total control of access rights, thereby possessing the privileges of confidentiality.

• Ever knew the cloudless option was a plus? The CodeTwo Exchange Folder is a direct link between your Exchange server and Android devices. With this, the parsing of data is secure.

• This application has a reliable alternative; it might interest you to know that this is one of its sweetest features. If you are not quite satisfied with the CodeTwo Exchange Folder's performance, you can try the CodeTwo Exchange Sync.

• It works smoothly with a stable internet connection. Your location is not a barrier to its productivity.

• Takes only a few minutes to deploy the program. So don't fret, you won't be investing too much of your time into the syncing process.

• You can access the data of other users. You can also share your own Exchange calendar and tasks with other Android phone users.

• The CodeTwo Exchange Folder syncs Exchange tasks, contacts, and calendars directly to your Android phone. With this feature, 'company contacts databases' can be modified with just the flick of a finger.


The Easy2sync application is an outlook and sync software that allows you to sync all your files and projects within minutes. There is a free and premium version that you can try. Easy2sync comes with some cool feature like:

       From Version 5.0, Easy2sync allows you to directly sync your files from your android device with your personal computer or FTP server.

With this, You can;

-          Synchronize all Office documents to your Android devices.

-           Transfer photos from your phone

-          Enable your device to run on a standard file configuration.

       Easily create backups

If all your files are on your computer's hard drive and are due to be moved to your phone, Easy2sync can help you do that. It is easy to set up, and with only the click of a button, the backup is complete. It collects data from different directories on your computer and moves them into a single folder.

ExMixed Folders Sync

• With this software, you can sync any types of Exchange. Apart from just calendars, contacts, tasks, and emails, the ExMixedFolders can sync Folder trees.

• The software has a useful feature that enables you to synchronize public folders with exclusive mail folders. With this, you can get these folders to your iPhone, Word processor, Android, and any device that has some connection to your email.

• If your Exchange server can access the Exchange web service through 'Secure Sockets Layer(SSL), then you can easily install the program. It works smoothly in the background after the configuration is set.

• You have an option of 3 different synchronization methods with the ExMixedFolders. There is the bidirectional method, the unidirectional methods, or mirroring. With these options, you have more than one Exchange server while adding as many synchronization tasks as you wish.

• There is also the free mailbox license that enables you to sync every folder you like with just one mailbox.

   With the increasing technological advancements, the rate at which user-friendly Exchange servers applications are created has significantly improved. That's why it would not be a surprise that there'll be other suitable choices out there. Besides that, these applications mentioned above have been tested and trusted. You'd be surprised how easy it is to sync public exchange folders to Android.

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