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According to US senator Green Card Waitlist is More Than 195 Years For Indians

A Green Card is a PRC. PRC stands for Permanent Resident Card. It is a document that is issued in the public interest. It is released for immigrants to the United States of America. It serves as evidence that the bearer of the instrument has given the privilege of residing permanently. Here's a startup news about the Green cards.


What is the problem with Green Cards?


Green cards play a crucial role in the life of immigrants who work on temporary visas.


A Republican stated that the backlog for an Indian National to get a Green Card is more than 195 years. He urged his colleagues to find a solution to this problem.


An official stated that the current Green Card Policy is of no use to the child of an immigrant whose parents died. His parent's application was denied on the ground of no availability of the job.


Because of the policy, none will wish to become a US citizen.


Specific changes have been made concerning immigrants.

1. The Government will try protecting the immigrants who are already stuck in the backlog.


They will allow them to file for Green Cards.

Workers will be benefitted since they can travel and switch jobs without losing immigration status.


2. The amendment would allow the immigrants to file applications for Green Cards, who were earlier unable to a new file.



There are various pros and cons of a student migrating to the US for his/her further studies.


Getting a Green card isn't that easy. It is very arduous and cumbersome. It is also very costly. The process is not at all user-friendly. As a permanent resident, one has to pay taxes on his/her income regardless of where it is earned.


International Taxes are known for their complexity. If one fails to pay the taxes on time, he /she might be regarded as dishonest. This, in turn, can also be used to revoke one's green card. Giving up green cards has become a tough task since it is possible never to get it back again.


According to Senator Lee, the Green Card policy isn't turning out to be good. Someone from India entering the backlog would have to wait for 195 years.

In the year 2019 purported to be the fiscal year, Indian nationals were given around 17000 Green Cards only.


The Bipartisan agreement would give a sigh relief to the immigrants. Family members would also get the benefit. Children of immigrant workers will also get adequate protection from deportation. The immigrants are devastated by the Green Card policy. They are finding it difficult to cope up with the procedure.

Immigrants are considering it to be harsh. Some are committing never to return because of such a robust and time-taking procedure. They believe that formalities are necessary, but too much paperwork is making them feel low.


The H-1B visa helps US companies to hire employees from countries like India and China.

 In more straightforward words, companies depend on it to hire several employees for their organization. Startup insider has been the source of the message throughout.


The issues were harming the reputation of the officers and the government. A step towards the immigrant community was necessary. The three-paged bill would protect not only the immigrants but also the children of the immigrants.

Because of earlier restrictions, only the employee could travel on an H-1B visa. The family as a whole had to wait for the Green Cards. However, the necessary steps should be taken so they can enter and exit the country with proper flexibility.




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