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Top 7 Best Free Accounting Software for Your Small Business

When talking about the best free accounting software, the main crucial factors to put into consideration; usage and price. There is multiple accounting software in the market from which do not charge while others are paid for. You need to prefer using the package that is easy to use and free. The selected software needs to have a lot of time-saving features like bill payment, reconciliations, invoicing, expense and financial reports, and automated entries. One of the qualities of the software is that it has to have the ability to perform advanced tasks like default financial reports, data syncing, and other things.

1. Zipbooks


Zipbooks is an online accounts software with different plans, including a free one and others including bookkeeping services. These books connect to the credit card and business bank accounts, uses double-entry accounts, and generates various reports to help in the management of the business. It is also helpful for bill payment, invoicing, expense and time tracking.

2. Brightbook


This package takes up a special slot on free accounting software because it is one hundred percent free. Developed by self-employed Britons who were sick of handling hard mainstream bookkeeping packages, it covers most daily tasks minus resorting to jargon and does your work very fast. The cost implication of using this package is lack of advanced functions and other basic ones. This is the only entry that does not link to bank accounts automatically. However, many small businesses will be happy to implement this program because it is user-friendly.

3. SlickPie


This is an accounting solution that is cloud-based and is a great package for small businesses. It helps you to record, reconcile, and track your expenses and income through the online dashboard. This software allows you to begin invoicing your customers immediately after signing up for its service. While there are available invoice templates, you can customize the feel and look of the document for it to fit better in the brand of your company. This package can also send payment reminders automatically to customers and manage bills that the business has to pay for. Businesses that use this software can choose to go paperless with the upload feature in the software and simultaneous support to the users. Other features are sales tax management, bank reconciliation, and financial report generation.

4. Marg


Mar is the fastest and simple accounting and inventory software for small businesses. It has the ability to handle several customers by holding current invoices. The design of this package has the ability to handle just what you want. You can customize it according to your business hassle-free. It can convert the bill in any format and send them via email, which saves so much of your time. Everything in the business will run in an automated way.

5. VersAccounts


This is a cloud-based solution for small distributors and manufacturers. The solution provides tools that consolidate costs, revenue, inventory, and finances. In the accounts module, it provides accounts payable, general ledger, cash management, and fixed asset management features. These tools help to manage businesses, currencies, and locations and adhere to compliance with finance. It allows users to track non-billable and billable expenses for projects. Other features include document management, quote-to-cash, business analytics, and payroll management.

6. Merchant

This package gives you features for customizing financial reports and budgets to track the things you do not understand. Since it is cloud-based, you can store all business transactions and files on the cloud for easy access. You can also manage orders seamlessly from any device. You can welcome many users to your account to work on data and have total control over what is seen and what anybody can do.

7. Erpnext


This is an ERP solution that provides project management, financial accounting, inventory management, and human resources. This software comes in both on-premise deployment and cloud-based options. It features management of human resources to allow for creating employee records, manage payroll and performance appraisal, and record expense claims. This software offers project management to allow users to come up with project tasks and give them to employees. You can track progress by use of the real-time Gantt chart interface. It also features management tools for sales, allowing users to track opportunities and leads and come up with price quotes.


Free accounting software will have your small business get direction due to seamless integration and handling of daily tasks. It gives you time to focus on other business aspects since it handles many other tasks automatically. The packages above are free and provide you the data you want immediately you want it.

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