Acne: Causes Symptoms & Treatment


There is one thing that can count on teenagers; it is acne. Over 85% of teenagers are experiencing this common skin issue, which is caused by stopped up pores (whiteheads, clogged pores), painful pimples-  Acne often appears on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms. While it is only an issue of teenagers, many dad and mom also have acne. But don’t worry about this as now skin specialists have disclosed its treatment. There are several ways to prevent acne.

What Causes Acne?

To know about acne, you have to know how your skin functions. The pores in your skin contain oil organs. When you hit adolescence, there's an expansion in sex hormones called androgens. The increases in hormones – it ultimate influence your oil organs to become enlarge and produce an excessive amount of oil, or sebum. When there's produce too much oil and a lot of sebum, the pores or hair follicles become obstructed with skin cells. The increase in sebum and oil also exceed the growth of bacteria on the skin called Propionibacterium acnes.

Ones can experience acne when hair follicles become block by oil, sebum and dead skin cells. Sebum is an oily organ that is produced by glands – it is known as sebaceous glands that are connected to the hair follicles. When these glands exceed sebum and combine with dead cells- they directly block the follicles.  It creates a suitable environment for bacteria which normally live on the skin called Cutibacterium – and these bacteria cause inflammation.

Hormones changes can cause pimples or acne.  The hormones actively work during teen aging, in this age, your sebaceous glands grow fast to produce more sebum. Sebaceous organs are profoundly touchy to hormone changes. The hormones with the best impact on the oil organs are the androgens. Even both genders have androgens. However, men have more. In girls, these hormones can cause acne during periods, and that is the reason girls often experience acne in adulthood.

Many people say that Eating chocolate and junk food can cause acne but scientifically prove that they normally have nothing cause of acne. Research recommends that depression, stress may cause acne because of your mental illness ultimate effect of your hormones.


Keep in mind if things irritate your skin, they can also cause acne. These include:

  • Friction or rubbing from clothing
  • A dog's or cat’s tongue (e.g., after a friendly lick)
  • When certain sports equipment touch with the skin
  • (use oil-based cosmetics)
  • Temperatures

Symptoms and Complications

It is noticeable acne symptoms can vary from one person to another person in which include:

  • Blackheads or black spots appear in the size of a pinhead) they appear on the surface of your skin.
  • Don’t take it easy as whiteheads or a pustule is another type of acne. It is the fundamental form of acne - they don't go black as they're not open through environment changes such as heat or air.
  • Deep cysts and pustules irritate your skin; they normally look swollen and appear in red with visible pus
  • Deep acne is a severe form of acne – it usually look red, warm and loaded up with pus and you feel pain when touching the pimple. This form of acne sometimes appears on the chest and back. It is considered the most challenging type of acne to treat. Deep acne also includes pustules and cysts. They often seem on the upper surface of the skin. Some of the time, they exist in the thick layer of skin. If they burst, the pus released that can cause more acne.

Treatment and Prevention

There are numerous prevention and treatment for acne skin- During treatment few people require more than one item as it depends on the type of acne and severity of your skin.  While acne treatment may take two or three months, sometime, it may also take up to 6 months. Usually, during treatment, acne may get worse in the start before improvement. There are few common types of treatments include;

Can CBD Help With Acne

CBD is the non-psychotropic compound that contains the form of marijuana. It has become famous for preventing pains and aches. Nowadays, it is being used in skin care products form acne to wrinkles because best CBD oils online work as an anti-inflammatory. So how it helps to calm skin?  Researches indicate that CBD has soothing properties that reduce acne and redness of the skin. Thus CBD is a useful source to treat with Acne.


  • There are several Non-prescription acne items such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. If they used one, it would become effective for blackheads, whiteheads or pustules acne.
  • Topical antibiotics used to treat the acne that causes due to bacteria.


  • Many ladies take the birth control pill as it can help hormones regulatory that reason acne flare-ups.
  • For increasingly extreme fiery skin inflammation, an anti-microbial (e.g., tetracycline*, minocycline, doxycycline) pill might be given.
  • Isotretinoin is very useful for acne treatment