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Action Refund Review – My Funds Recovery Story

For the start of this story, let me give you a couple of facts about the Action Refund company and the author of this narrative (me, a guy that lost money trading with Bitcoin). 

Action Refund is an Israeli-based company helping people to get money back from fraudsters. Some so-called brokers are doing anything and everything to take from you as much money as possible. Once your bank account is out of money, you are out of the game.

Me... Well, I am a Dutch. And I am the victim of an online scam. Risking to sound like one of the AA members, I was in desperate need of help. And that help I got nowhere else but from Action Refund. That’s why I dedicated this entire review to my life savior and a hero among chargeback companies. Let me tell you more.

How it all started?

It was around six months ago. I was browsing through the Internet aimlessly. On social media, I found an ad stating, “Do it today for a better tomorrow.” Since Covid-19 was already crashing all the markets, my boss was not immune too. I was not sure if I will have a job tomorrow. So, this ad actually hit right to the center. I needed to do something today to secure my tomorrow. And there I was, clicking on the ad and reading about the potential of the cryptocurrency market. I am 36-years old, and I thought I know it all. I’ve heard about that stuff before. All my friends had wallets and cryptos, and every time we meet, they would discuss whether something is “up” or “down.”

Now, I know I shouldn’t be so negligent, but I clicked on the ad and submitted all the details I was asked for. As I said, the ad was right, and my friends were doing it. So, why shouldn’t I try?

And this is how it all started. The rest you can only imagine.

What after?

After I’ve submitted all of my information, I have received a call from a lovely girl on the other side stating she calls from the UK. However, she explained to me everything about the company, that they have existed for over ten years, they introduced cryptocurrencies to many users, and her clients are making on average $3,000-$5,000 monthly from the bare minimum investment. Again, I know I should ask more questions. I know I should do a further check of everything she said. But trust me, anyone who has been in my situation knows how persuasive these people can be. How nicely they convince you to trust them for just this minimum, and if it doesn’t work for you, you can always go out.

Seduced, not by the girl but by the story, I decided to start with the minimum deposit of 250 EUR. After all, she said I can always go out if it doesn’t work for me. She also noted that the minimum to open a trade is around 5 EUR. So, if I don’t like the results, I can take my 245 EUR and exit. Sounded like a perfect plan. But here comes the catch.

After I’ve deposited my money with the lovely girl and submitted all of my documents, I received a call from someone presenting himself as my personal financial adviser. He said his role is to show me everything, introduce me to the market since I had zero experience, and guide me throughout the investing process. Again, precisely what I needed. Yes, my friends talked about wallets and crypto, but I had no clue about it myself. I couldn’t tell you where to open a wallet or which crypto to buy. It was hard for me to adopt the concept of selling before buying. Therefore, this adviser was sent from heaven. Or, as I found out later on, directly from hell.

Long story short

To cut it short, I was trading with the company, and my 250 EUR became 700 EUR in a couple of days. After I saw this stunning result, I was asked to add more money to earn more since there was a big event on the market. Since I’ve seen the result, I trusted my adviser. And here I was, adding another 3,000 EUR to my trading account. There were ups and downs, but in general, the first month went well. Yet again, I was asked to push my account a little bit, to round the number to 10,000 EUR, and then I can go big with no worries about the margin. It meant another 4,000 EUR from my side. So, I did it. And after I did it, I had no money left in my savings. And my adviser knew it since he saw all my accounts.

Long story short, I’ve never heard from them again, nor could I log in to my trading account.

Action Refund Review – My life savior

After all this happened, I started looking for a solution. I couldn’t believe how silly I was to think it’ll actually work. How foolish I was never to test the withdrawal. Never to check if all those people are real. Again, I started browsing the Internet. And I saw that certain companies are helping people with refunds.

I gave a call to a couple of them and decided to stick with Action Refund. Their support team was the only one that didn’t go with me into the costs of my chargeback process. They explained the procedure in detail and told me exactly where I stand. I do not have much evidence, but I do have the luck that I made transfers via credit card. Therefore, everything was in my bank statement, and we knew the merchant. I was assigned to a consultant who held a free consultation. He told me exactly what I need to do and what they need to do in order for me to succeed with my dispute and get a chargeback.

After the evidence evaluation, they asked for a little bit of time to organize my file. After a week or so, my consultant James gave me a ring and said we are ready. The big day is here. We are filing the dispute and asking for my funds back.

The company was representing my case. Since we found out on the way that the broker that I was dealing with is unregulated, we had to submit all the evidence to my bank. We had to prove I was the victim of these scammers. And moreover, we needed to prove why I deserve to be refunded.

Luckily, James took most of the work on himself, so I could focus on my private life.

After a few months of running around and submitting papers here and there, I got a call. James was laughing, and I asked what happened. How can he laugh when I am stuck?

All he said was, “Mate, we are back on a horse! Your money is back!”.

I couldn’t believe my own ears. After everything, we did it. I did it. James did it. Action Refund did it.

My money was back.

Action Refund Review – The end

I know how it feels to be scammed. And I know how hard it is to trust yet another company. But Action Refund are the pros. People that supported me through this whole mess and not even once told me how dumb I was. I was saying it to myself every day. After the entire process, I waited a little while for the funds to be back. There were many forms to fill out and some meetings to attend in the bank. But Action Refund secured it for me. These guys did it, and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful. And this is the reason for this entire Action Refund review.

If you have experienced something similar as myself, I am honestly advising you to get in touch with Action Refund. You won’t make a mistake!

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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