Adding Custom Fields to Checkout in Magento 2


Adding a custom attribute to order in Magento 2 has been a trendy topic for some time. Magento 2 merchants often times need to add custom fields to their checkout pages to collect details of their interest from clients. With default Magento 2 checkout fields, only a limited number of order attributes can be added. Although it can be done programmatically, it involves complex coding skills. Using a third party extension is recommended as it does the job effortlessly with a list of other useful features. FMEextension which is a premier Magento development firm offers a feature-rich extension for adding Magento 2 custom checkout fields. It allows adding diverse types of custom fields to any Magento 2 checkout step i.e. they can be added to any of the shipping method, shipping address, billing address or review & payment steps.

This extension allows adding as many order attributes as needed by a Magento 2 merchant to gather useful custom details from clients. These custom details help them to understand the customer's requirements and also to align their business/marketing strategies. Using this extension, admins can configure the custom checkout fields for input validation to make sure they get accurate data. Also, all the fields can be displayed in invoice emails & pdf. Following are some of the noticeable features this extension offers.

  • Adds an unlimited number of Magento 2 order attributes
  • Adds custom fields to any checkout step
  • Sets up field input validation
  • Displays fields data in Emails& PDF's
  • Adds tooltip to each attribute

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Example Demos: 





See the detailed tutorial on how to use the extension on Magento 2 add custom field to checkout