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Adjustable piers footings overview

Footing and foundation are the two aspects of construction that play a key role in strengthening the building. Based on the type of soil and construction you want to build; the type of footing design will vary. If you have hired the best construction contractor for this task, they will recommend you with the right type of footing. Here we will be focusing on pier footings. This footing is used for major deck constructions and for all types of commercial and industrial construction projects.

Adjustable piers footings:

You would have often got confused between pier and footings, these are the parts of concrete foundation and are built to support the structure and weight of the building. While constructing a home, or a commercial building or deck, the entire construction must rest on a foundation which gives it additional stability. Also, you must know that piers and footings are regulated by local and state authorities, and hence, it becomes important that your contractor must adhere to it. These codes will vary from one region to another and hence when you are opting for laying foundation and footing for your house or construction; you must adhere to it.

What impacts the size of the adjustable piers footings?

Any type of footing for your place will vary, based on the type of construction you are planning to have or the type of soil. The kind of soil plays an important role in deciding the size and type of footing. And so adjustable piers footings becomes a good choice because it gives you the leverage to adjust the size of the footing as per your requirement. Since the adjustable piers footings hold a structure more steadily, they are used to a large extent for small and large-scale commercial and industrial projects.

While doing so, make sure that the contractor is adhering to the local standards and protocol set by the governing bodies of your region.

Benefits of adjustable piers footings

These are usually found in coastal areas where it provides umpteen benefits:

1.         It is easy to use and requires lesser labour and material
2.         They come in a variety of design, and you can use different materials to enhance the aesthetics of the footings
3.         Adjustable piers footings gives you the leverage to adjust the height of the footing based on your requirement.
4.         You can save money as this type of footing doesn't require too much excavation
5.         Since this type of footings keeps the house above the level of the ground, thus making it safe from flood and other damages to the structure.
6.         It creates a space between the house and ground, thus giving you enough space for plumbing other electrical activities.
7.         At the later stages, one can also move under the base to inspect the place
8.         It gives the leverage to the engineers to change the design
9.         You can also increase the bearing capacity by under-reaming the bottom

Where do adjustable piers footings find to use?

Adjustable piers footings and foundation can be used in the following places:

1.         If the soil has decomposed rocks on the top layer and under the underlying start of sound rock
2.         Pier foundations are useful in places where stiff clay is present. Since it offers lower resistance, this type of foundation will be the best choice.
3.         Houses that are built from the log, timber have this type of foundation
4.         The soil must have a low water-bearing capacity.

You can choose from the helical piers, steel piers and uni pier varieties to give the best decking possibility.

These are some of the places where adjustable footing and foundation are used. Based on the recommendation of your construction contractor, you can choose the desired height.


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