Advanced Guide to Miniature Circuit Breakers

Minimum Circuit Breaker

Minimum Circuit Breaker(MCB), in which the maximum rated current available is 125A, is the device designed to connect and disconnect the electrical sockets in ordinary and extraordinary situations.
The primary purpose of installing MCB is to protect light switches, equipments and circuits, but it is not limited to that. Other advantages are listed below:

  1. MCB is more sensitive to current than Fuse
    MCB is designed in such a way that to switch it off, three mechanisms have been incorporated in it. There are mainly one bimetallic strip, one trip coil and one hand operated on-off lever. In case of overloading, bimetallic strip becomes heated and deformed causing the displacement of the latch and ultimately opening the MCB.  The same is the case with the trip coil, but that comes into role when there is a short circuit. Again, the operating lever of the miniature circuit breaker displaces the latch point when we manually turn off the MCB. In any of the situations, there is a movement of the moving contact because of the displacement and the deformation.
    MCB automatically detects any abnormality and switch off the electric panel. In case you try to fix the electric issue yourself, first shut off the individual circuits and then go with the main breaker.

  2. In the case of MCB, the faulty zone of an electrical circuit can be easily identified
    The mechanism of the miniature circuit provides two types of operation- opening and closing. The MCB has mainly three positions- ON, OFF and TRIPPED.  By looking at the position of the switch, you can quickly identify the condition of MCB. In case of faulty circuits, MCB trips it to the OFF position.
  3. With MCB, it is effortless to resume the supply
    Using MCB device to control the current makes it easier for you to get it back to the On position, unlike in case of fuses where you need to change the entire fuse wire. All you have to do to quickly restore the supply in the case of Miniature circuit breaker, is push the knob up.
  4. Handling MCB is electrically safe
    Unlike fuse where the user is in direct contact with the live wire/ current carrying conductor, the end user is not exposed. That’s why replacing the MCB is not that difficult. Moreover, MCB is reusable hence less maintenance cost.

In modern low voltage electrical network, people prefer installing the MCBs as it has too many advantages to offer. While installing MCB’s, Schneider is an excellent option that you can consider. On top of that, you can install surge arresters as well. They act as an overarching layer of protection over the MCB functionality. They also work in part of protection mechanisms for peripherals such as end terminals, wiring systems and other electrical components. They are primarily used in industrial places wherein electrical protection for heavy machinery process is a must.